Why is it so hard to stop gaming?

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  1. Why? I am trying to quit world of tanks for over a year, but either the game is addictive, or you're bored. Anyways. removal of accounts do not work, since i just reactivate them.

    I spended hours and hours on gaming, this is also the reason that i failed to get my grades past year.

    If i had put that time in something usefull and productive like books exercise and so forth.
  2. I'd say, the same reason smoking and PMO are addictive. It triggers the reward section of your brain.
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  3. Humble Warrior

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    We all seek enjoyment, lad.
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    I was like this with Overwatch. Spent hours on it between 2016-2018 ish, only really enjoyed the first few months but kept playing because I was addicted to the routine.

    I wish I had better advice to give but for me all that happened was I finally got so sick of the game that I was unable to play even a single match without it putting me in a bad mood that lasted all day. Games like that have a subtly corrosive influence where you arent really having that much fun, you just THINK you are. By the time you realise you arent, you're addicted.

    Honestly I have this issue with a lot of games nowadays. Seems like so many are poorly veiled skinner boxes and exist only to pass the time. I'm not totally against videogames but I strongly advise only playing the ones that arent made to either sucker you into an ecosystem or otherwise get you hooked on playing them all the time. Single player games with a defined ending are the best imo.
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  5. yes like mine craft. I have the same situations as you, from 2012 now, countless of hours world of tanks i dont even enjoy.
  6. There are other maybe even beter ways to do that instead of gaming
  7. It is said that the game i play now (world of tanks), hires specialize poeple thath sugest game mechanics to keep poeple hooked to the game, even thoug they know the game in his current state sucks.


    The bad matchmaking gives u one of like 100 games a awesome game, where ur changes of great suc6 are big. When i have a good game out of the countless of shitty games (pretty much all time), i get such a hige dopamine hit, getting super happy and so, and that is super adictive.
  8. This is EXACTLY what James Clear mentions in his book Atomic Habits regarding the functioning of slot machines in casino. I highly recommend this book if you haven't read it already! It's an eye opener on habits and science of addiction.
  9. i have read journals of several guys that have read this book and stopped to waste time on games and other stuff, they said this was a good book to. I had forgotten the name.

    Thanks, Cirilla, ill look it up.

    (Btw, ciri is awesome :p)
  10. I read it twice. The first time, it changed my life on paper because of the way James lays things down, but it took a second reading to really get into the principles and apply them. I'm considering reading it a third time, maybe once a year. It touches literally every aspects of habits, I really cannot recommend it enough, it is my favourite non fiction book ever and perhaps one of my favourite books ever period. I mean, sure, addiction and habits are two different things, but they're not entirely separated. You can find some summaries and ressources online.

    Also I completely agree lol, Ciri is THE BEST!
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  11. Humble Warrior

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    Got any?
  12. AtomicTango

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    All I can really suggest you do is delete your accounts and have the willpower to not turn them back on. Find something better to do with your time.

    I have little direct proof but I'm certain many games do this.
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    I consider myself a gamer, but when I'm on a good streak I play less and less. I need to force myself to do it. Last year I couldn't wait for the weekend to be able to play all day. Now it's been two weeks and I don't really want to do it. I think that gaming every once in a while it's totally fine, but its different for everyone.
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    Balance over addiction... gaming does not harm anyone, but in fact can improve certain skills such as problem solving or creative thinking. Keep a limit and you should be fine.
  15. yes i will remove the account sagain, remove tha game, but also block the websites.
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    My dad loves playing that! If you ever been killed by a player with a greek philosoper game, thats my dad ! Ahahahah
    I also played WOT the game is funny but after sometimes its a bit boring, right now i havent been playing videogames since january when i started classes , find something thaf is productive to you and use it on the time you qere supposing playing videogames
    In my case as i grow older im less entusiastic on video games , my interess decreases and there are few videogames i really like , when i finish my exams i will resume videogames sometimes because its also funny but my real and more productive hobbys are always first
  17. Fu tot
  18. PanteriMauzer

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    The game is free you dont pay any money, you even get free premium bonus if you do some objectives , i prefer FiFA and football manager but doing one or two games its a fun game to play

    Whats a fu tot?
  19. Yet another WoT victim, such a shame. Dude, it's honestly such a bad fucking game. The tanks are gorgeous and the mechanics are nice, but you cannot be happy playing random battles. You will always get fucked over and there's nothing you can do about it. I had about 80 tanks in my garage and maybe 20k battles, some tanks with over 3k battles, and had spent $200-300 before I finally deleted my account for good. It was like waving goodbye to a chapter of my life. But I swear, I'm so glad I quit that piece of shit addicting game.

    Do yourself a favor. Check out gamequitters.com or reddit.com/r/stopgaming. Run by the same guy. He also has a youtube channel with tons of helpful videos which can get you in the right mindset to quit gaming. Game Quitters - YouTube
  20. PanteriMauzer

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    I dont play much WoT so correct me if im wring but i think the game can be played free , my dad plays alot Wot(honnestle while im writing this messages he is now playing it ahahah) and he never spent money neither got compeled to spent it , for sure it can be addictive but spending money? That i think not
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