Why is NOFap criticised ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by JackOfAll, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. JackOfAll

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    Whilst browsing on some other forums namely quora, I see posters saying “NoFap is bull shit, it shames masterbation and limits sexual positivity.

    Is this someone’s opinion, as I am quite new to nofap and from what I’m reading no cap is almost a really good supplement if not necessity to removing PMO addiction.

    I’m just curious as to why others feel it is ‘bull shit’
  2. The only awnser I can think of is they are mentaly retarded
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  3. Misinformation that NoFap is specifically an anti-masturbation organization, pushed by people publishing factless pseudoscientific YouTube videos and blogspam to clickbait to get money from our hard-earned popularity, along with the porn industry's allies and militantly so-called "sex positive" bloggers looking to build up a strawman to attack. And then a mix of enthusiasm from people super pumped that rebooting changed their lives so they share it everywhere in comments sections which annoys people, I suppose, on top of that many people defend their porn use to avoid facing the reality that they know it might be problematic, especially in excess.
  4. Why ? Because 2 things:
    1) Complacency
    2) Ignorance

    You mix those two together, you have a potential candidate that's going to hate everything that NoFap represents in their own mind.
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  5. brilliantidiot

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    If I had to hazard a guess I'd say its because they want to keep pmo-ing and to feel good about themselves as well. So they deny that nofap has benefits to justify their own pmo-ing
  6. Infrasapiens

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    Because most people like pornography and consider it sexually positive, even when they have to hide it. And because some members of NoFap are insane believing you can actually achieve some kind of magic powers by not touching yourself.
  7. Reborn16

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    There's also people on TV saying we should be 'body positive', no matter how much we weigh... (or no matter what our chances of having diabetes have increased to).

    It's easier to say "we're all beautiful" than front up to the gym every week.

    And in our area of challenges, it's easier to say "masturbation is normal" than to stop using PMO to avoid our problems, problems which may be solved if PMO effort was diverted into solving them.
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  8. Amphibian

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    Yes. I see two general veins of how this is, one is the porn industry attempting to protect their market and cashflow.

    And the second one, which I find more interesting, is something I occasionally faced when I went sober from alcohol a bit over 3 years ago. I was at rock bottom and quit booze when I realized it was a major problem. But I had -and have- friends who drank as much if not more than I did. I became a mirror to them and it was uncomfortable to some that I quit drinking, because it might imply that they could have a problem too. A couple people even tried to get me to relapse on alcohol as well, and really the motivation was that if I was comfortable with drinking again, then they really don't have a problem either and they're good to go with their habits.

    I actually never preached to anyone what they should do. I would just tell my story and just say "it's not for me anyone" but for some it was enough to make them wonder if they have a problem and the associated cognitive dissonance and discomfort along with wondering that would create a negative reactionary response.
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  9. Because people don't want to have to change their actions, so they criticize others for bettering themselves. They convince themselves that the people doing the things that are good for them, but tough to do, are stupid for some reason, so they won't have to get off their own butt and follow in their footsteps.

    If you look for it, you will see this happens sooooo much with so many different aspects of life. Someone starts eating healthier, and everyone says they're not going to get the nutrients they need and they're actually not really being healthy because blah blah blah, despite the evidence that their body is clearly healthier in every way. People criticize because they feel threatened. If their friend is doing something hard that's good for them, they feel like they have to do it too, but they don't want to because it's hard. So they just tear down their friend instead, to make themselves feel better for being lazy.
  10. When people see someone try to do something they're too weak to even attempt, it makes them feel in guilty. Deep down everyone knows that jerking off and watching porn is wrong but it's easier to rationalize a bad habit as normal or healthy than it is to break a bad habit. Not jerking off is too difficult so I'm just going to call you a wierdo.
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  11. Because they really love jerking off and watching porn so much that it becomes sacred, besides it's hard to admit that porn is an addiction so they became defensive to protect their fragile ego.
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  12. legendsneverdie

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    I second your theory, thanks dude. it weeds the men out for sure
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  13. Fausterity

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    They're degenerate crabs in a bucket
  14. Raphael Pereira

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    Maybe stakeholders from porn industry, maybe a few who doesn't have the addiction thing, maybe some retards...
  15. The problem is that everyone today feels that their opinion is the best, and valid one. And people make mistakes on both sides of the fence. Plus, some people just think that life is meant for self-indulgence without restraints and naturally dismiss any idea that deals with observing restraints without even examining it.
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  16. Infrasapiens

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    Hey, chubby girls are my jam. But I can understand the normalization of bad habbits. Powerful groups make profit out of human weaknesses (Pornography, sugar, etc) so you could say that you make powerful enemies when you want live a decent live.

  17. I take great exception to your point that especially women are sheep. Please refrain from using sexism and misogyny when you craft your responses.
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  18. aerokus

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    1. Almost all guys and a lot of women masturbate to porn. A large majority of those people do not have any issue with porn addiction or sexual dysfunction. They find it hard to believe that it can cause sexual dysfunction or that people can spend hours a day masturbating and looking at porn. People who don't have a porn problem load up one video and are done in 5 minutes.

    2. PMO addiction is centered around being a loser who sits inside masturbating to weird porn all day. The level of shame and embarrassment that surrounds it makes it into a joke for normal people. Trying to tell someone that you have a drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction, would be a lot easier than a PMO addiction, because it's not accepted as a real thing.

    3. The NoFap community does a terrible job of representing itself. The reddit is completely full of cringeworthy posts. This forum is often not much better. There are lots of good people here who are trying to fix their issue with a porn addiction, but also many teenagers or otherwise immature/strange people making very weird and ranty posts.
  19. SpringWater

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    I agree with you that what he said isn’t correct..almost everyone is a sheep, ha.

    It’s as much men as women.

    But I think bashing him for saying that is bad. It limits our expression, the point of being here..almost like in a 12 step meeting.

    We can disagree but asking someone to refrain from certain speech or ideas is very limiting and only hurts everyone.

    Better to say you have a diff opinion.
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  20. Newstart1622

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    Porn companies feel threatened and don't want to lose money.
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