Why is nofap making me so depressed

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ahighertruth, Aug 9, 2020.

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    should i stop if its causing me a lot of distress?
  2. In a word, no.
    It is truly difficult to get rid of one's pmo. But it's worth it, which I am sure you believe in your heart.
    Quitting PMO often means we have to look at the cuts and scars of our past that we covered up with porn and masturbation. Your body and mind are used to you using PMO to soothe yourself.
    Remind yourself of why you began this journey. Revisit your values.
    Never stop.
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  3. Likewise I have to agree with @Ogikubo . You will be depressed, frustrated, angry, and a whole host of other negative moods will try to blow you around, especially in the beginning. Eventually, you will get past that and feel great! That elation will pass in time too and then you will find a calm middle ground, where we all would've been had we not fallen in the first place. So keep at it and recognize that some of your foul moods are coming from riding yourself of foul habits!
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    Stay strong, seek help when you need it, explore your emotion when you feel in control, and don’t give up!
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