Why is NoFap so hated?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by King Tut 23, May 1, 2020.

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    I was bored and I searched NoFap in google to see what people and newspapers say about the forum.
    I was surprised because I just read 4 articles of different newspapers and all of them had a negative review about NoFap. They said that the PMO abstinence is negative, M and P is good, etc.
    They even say that our arguments and beliefs about the positivity of PMO abstinence are so "fake" and "obsolete" that NoFap seems like a humour page.
    The comments in the articles were in their majority critics of NoFap.
    Why is NoFap so hated?
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  2. King Tut 23

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  3. I think it's because a lot of people would rather continue living the same way than taking the pains to change. So they end up saying that M and P is good just to reassure themselves. In fact a year ago I was looking up articles on how M and P is good just so that I could make an excuse not to quit. Anyways this is just my opinion. There might be some other reasons. A lot of my friends try to convince me to watch P and fap saying that it's normal and it relieves them of stress. But from experience I know that this isn't true. Again the content you found may have different reasons behind them. But what matters is that don't get swayed by it. We know it's bad and we know we have to quit. Nothing should change our will.
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    They are Frightened to get their beliefs in discussion.
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  5. NoFap isn't hated, as far as I have seen in real life interactions. Don't focus on what media says anyway, nobody takes them seriously anymore. They recommend you one thing in today's article, and then recommend the polar opposite next week and then they go back to square one and repeat. Someone once said this to me... Media is a money driven person! Whosoever throws the highest, gets his feet licked. (He is not an English speaker, so this is just a poor translation of the original remark.)
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    Classicaly sexual liberation during last century encouraged erotism and porn. And since few years, some website begun to be cooler than weird / shaming: YP sponsoring Ligue of Legend team, Free premium PH during quarantine.

    But you know, cigarettes was the same last century and it tooks some many decades before autorities change their point of view. For exemple in France, it's been only 10 years smoking inside public establishment was forbidden.

    It's always the same cycle:

    A) Discover a new drug / way of relief

    B) Everybody say "well there no secondary effect let's use it !"

    C) Few scientifics say "well they have serious side effects"

    D) People discover that drug is effectively dangerous and they have to create regulations

    E) Go to A) for a new drug.

    Another example:

    Nitrous oxide for Hilarious time during parties. My psychiatrist told me 2 months ago that stuff could give serious Neuro injuries and firsts dead in connection are discovered.

    So actualy we are between C and D for porn.

    that's all folks.
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  7. Very interesting!
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  8. King Tut 23

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    Good point of view, I never saw it like that.
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  9. I'm not sure if NoFap is hated but it certainly goes against several corporate interests as well as the status-quo. That is more than enough reason for people to hate something, given the nature of humanity.
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  10. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    Ignorance of the facts plain and simple.
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  11. It's because there are a lot of scientists and experts who endorse the health benefits of masturbation, so for the general public, it's their word against the nofappers. However, despite their attitude for masturbation, they do agree that porn is bad for your health and compare it to drugs.
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  12. hollyman

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    this is somehow educating. thanks for sharing
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  13. Exactly "it takes 1 minute to tell a lie but 1 hour to prove it is a lie"
    Porn industries are winning because right now they are the first to speak because they have more power.
    If they say "porn is good use it, there's nothing wrong and whoever thinks the opposite is just a bigot", they had the upper hand, people will accept this view because it is comfortable and they can have no blame, because porn industries and "doctors" said it.
    For us it will be not enough to say " porn is bad" because they told the lie first.
    We need to prove it, but the first effect of internet pornography are showing only now because it is quiet recent as a drug, so we're not hated, we're just saying something that will force people to admit there's something wrong.
    And, as you see for this Covid situation, people prefer to die than admit that there's something wrong
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  14. Kligor

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    I never search in google about nofap what people and newspaper think about nofap,but if they think in negative way,that can be because:
    1.Porn industry can't make money on Fapstronaut.
    2.Some people can't live without P and M.(Not literally,just can't handle)
    3.Doing M and P is complete normal(I disagree,that is normal just in society)
    4.First try,then judge.
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  15. I don't think people really hate NoFap. I think it's just that they are still living in ignorance.

    If you look at smoking for example. This shit was considered healthy and was recommended by doctors back in the days. Now we know how dangerous it is because it has been proven officially by a lot of studies. Everyone who tries to quit smoking isn't considered a weirdo, and we even encourage them. And even though we know smoking is really bad, some people are still smoking. Why? Because they don't want to change despite their addiction.

    I truly think porn will follow the same path. Internet porn is still young guys, so let the time do is work. Now we are currently being mocked for what we do but over the years, things will change, I'm sure of that. Don't try to change people if they don't want to. Most people aren't willing to change their lives because it requires effort and persistence. It's fine. Just let them live their lives.

    The porn industry will never disappear. It will always be there, just like tobacco. But there will be one major difference: NoFap will be legit.

    Until there, keep fighting the good fight, and focus on yourselves.
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  16. onceaking

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    Unless someone has spoken to everyone of these critics no one can know why they don't like it. Trouble is this question is causing people to speculate and generalise, people are complex and do things for a variety of reasons.
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  17. skaterdrew

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    I think the main people who believe in nofap and pornfree are the people who have developed negative issues through their porn and masturbation use. So when some people actually realize that they have erectile dysfunction because of their chronic porn use. When some people realize the longer they're away from porn their mental health begins to improve and their cognitive functions begin to improve. But then there is also people who are experiencing sexual dysfunctions, mental health problems, cognitive issues and chronic addiction from their porn use, but they're actually unaware it is being caused by their porn use.

    Then there is a lot of people who haven't chronically used porn for years. They have always mainly used it moderately. These people haven't developed any negative issues from their porn use, or very little negative issues from their porn use.

    So there is likely three different types of people that think nofap and pornfree is a lot of rubbish. The people who are unaware or don't believe their porn use is causing their issues. The people who are in denial about their porn use. The people who have experienced no or little consequences from porn use.
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  18. I know very well from a lifetime of telling people about Jesus, that no matter what the benefits are, most people do NOT want to be told that they need to change things about the way they live their life. Even if the reward is eternal life, they would rather hang onto their sin. So they hate seeing other people who have chosen the harder path and are happier than them. (Of course I don't mean to imply this applies to ALL non Christians, but a lot of people I've met).

    The same applies to NoFap. People who want to hang on tightly to their porn, their masturbation, their lust, HATE to see all of us having so much happiness and success and being so much better off without those things. Why? Because it nags at them that they should probably give that stuff up to, because it's bad for them and they would be better off without them. But they don't want to give it up, so instead they want to silence the people who are making them feel guilty and question their choices. They want to go on living their lives exactly the same, without any voice in the back of their mind reminding them that they need to change.

    When you realize how often people do this, you will start to see that it happens in SO many different situations. Pro-choicers want to silence pro-lifers for this same reason. Some atheists want to silence Christians for this reason. People who love porn want to silence us for this reason. Addicts want to surround themselves with other addicts, not with good friends who will remind them that they are doing something harmful that they need to change.

    I see this everywhere, really. It just comes down to the fact that we humans love sin, and getting rid of sin in your life is harder than giving into it. Not everybody wants to do the hard work to get a better reward. Some people convince themselves they are just fine with their lives, but the fact that they want to silence anyone who reminds them they might be better off if they changed, shows that there is a part of them that believes that. Or else they wouldn't be so threatened by other people living differently than them. It just shows a lack of security within themselves. People who are secure in their own way of living don't feel threatened by other people saying they are happier living differently.

    I remember in high school losing friends, temporarily, for this reason. I was never a judgemental person at all toward my friends, but I was walking closely with God and while I didn't judge them for some of the things they were doing, I also didn't support them in those things either.

    I remember this one girl started going to our church, and she was pretty wild. Into a lot of not great things, and my two closest friends always wanted to spend more time with her than with me. It devastated me, because she wasn't a very good friend at all, and she didn't care about them nearly as much as I had cared about them for years. But one of my friends even admitted to me that she preferred hanging out with the other girl, because she was doing a lot of the same sinful things as her, and she didn't want to be around me and be reminded that what she was doing wasn't a good idea. And by being reminded I don't even mean I would say anything about it, but just that being around me made her feel inherently guilty, whether I said anything or even knew anything about it or not. Because she knew that the way I was living was the way she should probably be living too, but she didn't want to. So it was easier to push me away.

    That changed later in life, though. As you grow and mature you realize what a good friend looks like, and you also hopefully become more comfortable with being corrected in love and embracing difficult changes that might be better for you. It's why mature adults drink more water than kids, and eat less junk, because they understand sometimes you need to sacrifice what you want immediately for a better reward of having a healthy body that functions properly. My best friend hardly even talks to that other girl anymore, and appreciates me I think a lot more now than she did when we were younger.

    Not trying to toot my own horn by the way. I'm guilty of this same thing, just like anyone else. I've found myself pushing away certain people or rejecting certain ideologies that I know are probably better for me, but would require big changes I don't want to make. Some people will come around eventually, but others will just choose the easier path.
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  19. I gotta say, this is not my experience at all. With my own friends and family, sure, but when it comes to any online interaction, the minute anyone mentions nofap or the like, the response is overwhelming negative. It's not just the media. It's a ton of individuals who mock, scoff, and disparage nofap anytime anyone dares to say porn is harmful.

    I know you said "real life interactions," but I think it's unwise to think of people on the internet as not being real life interactions. They are real people who really think this way. Of course maybe your friends and family will be supportive of you, but how often are you going around telling people in person about how dangerous porn is? I'm sure you would get a ton of hatred if you did that.
  20. Hmmm... I see.

    Anyway, if someone dislikes you for your decision to not watch porn, then they have issues. So you shouldn't give any credit to their opinion at all.

    They do say that in a world gone insane, only the mad are truly sane.

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