Why Journaling is Important ? [ Does anybody know ?]

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mr.Tony, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Mr.Tony

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    Why Journaling is Important ?

    I'm going pretty well with NoFap so far, But i'm about to stop Another Addiction - Today.

    The Game Addiction - I won't touch that crap again nor speak to anyone who is addicted to it, although my family members are all addicts.

    The Sugar Addiction / Junk Food Addiction (( Sometimes...))
    is the next on the list.

    And i will try to limite my Internet use too, including coming here to this forums regulary.

    Thanks to all of you, anybody knows why Journaling is Important ?
  2. kropo82

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    For me there were lots of reasons
    • It made me accountable, I'd told a large community of people (you all) that I was giving up and you were following my progress: I didn't want to disappoint people here.
    • It quickly became a place where friends would challenge me. I'd write something I'd planned or realised about my reboot and friends would disagree and so I'd think it through again or more deeply.
    • It's somewhere to get support. When things are going badly and I'm tempted to relapse I wroia journal post and friends here five in with supportive replies.
    • It's a place where I can thrash through what I learn about myself and my recovery. Things like the relationship between madturbation and my porn addiction have taken me a long time to work through.
    • It's somewhere I can refer people from other threads when a topic that I have worked on in my journal crops up.
    • It's somewhere I can refer back to for key posts or just to reflect on my journey and how I've changed.
    • Most of all it has proved to be a place where, as long as I remain honest, I can dig inty psyche and unravel the things that made porn so addictive to me.

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