Why NoFap Community is so religious?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by ChownTuen, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. ChownTuen

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    I have see it in many posts, articles etc!

    It's above to me to see the connections between the PMO and religious.

    I am not and of course I don't want to be offensive! Just a question to understand better this community, and why not a opportunity to know each other better :)
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  2. Submissions are supposed to be secular unless if you're sharing your own personal story, such as in the journaling section. However, because the groups feature has been offline, things have been a bit messy lately. We're planning on reintroducing groups and keeping religious communities, nonreligious communities, and all sorts of different communities within that feature.

    As for the demographics, check out the About NoFap community page which contains some interesting statistics.
  3. IGY

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    Is there any time frame for this @alexander?
  4. Nope, my life is a mess. :p Day counter badges are broken on NoFap's subreddit, so I'm getting dozens of complaints a day. Among the usual 100 things to-do. Helping with TWO university studies in November. At least I changed the "addicted" user trophy to something less pointed :)

    Also, I'm not entirely happy with the group functionality, especially since @galaxim and others have complained. Need to figure out the future of them and how they could be improved.
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  5. Eric'sBlue

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    It's not that everyone is "super religious" ... but could it be that the secular world we live in is so anti- religious, that it causes this illusion? Spiritual living always has and will be important to man's fulfillment.

    That's more what I think.

    Healthy belief in God and in living good are not bad things, man. ..

    I just think people feel free and not persecuted to be themselves - here. They've made it a dirty word off limits everywhere else ... and now I guess they want to do it here; just because, I guess.
  6. RE:covery

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    I think religious people feel more inclined to get help because they believe what they are doing is morally wrong? whereas non-religious people maybe follow more mainstream 'LAD' culture and therefore are less likely to see porn as wrong? just my guess...
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  7. Headspace

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    I think some religious people are simply more likely to join because yes, compared to the reasons for non-religious folks they additionally believe that PMO is wrong on a moral level. But my impression is that for most of them, the main reasons are still the same as for everyone else, and they are fighting the same struggles as everyone else. So far I don't feel confined by anyone expressing his beliefs, as long as no one is forcing them on each other. I second what @Eric'sBlue said about our society becoming anti-religious. Man is not a rational being, only a rationalizing one.
  8. Are you saying you want to offend people? If I am readin your words correctly and your intent for starting this thread is to be offensive, why may I ask? Is there something to gain from this? Genuinely curious.

    I apologize if that is not your intention and you simply did not word yourself correctly.

    ChownThuen can you explain to me what religion is? And then what spirituality is? And then what spiritual teachings are?

    It will help me understand you better :D
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  9. DogDaysOfLife

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    People who are accustomed to nonreligious sites might be surprised simply at the proportion of religious people here. This doesn't imply anything about the site rules. For a counterexample, reddit isn't an officially atheist site, but we all know that atheism is very popular there. Some level of religious-ish content is unavoidable when that's such a strong motive for many people to quit.
  10. Well I am Christian and the main reason why I joined this site is to overcome my PMO addictions. I do try my best to respect all people and treat others the way I wish to be treated.
  11. nfprogress

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    I am pretty sure he meant to say that his intentions should not be construed as offensive.
  12. I'm really surprised that the majority of users are non-religious! I expected the opposite, I guess. I assumed the community would follow world statistics. Of course those statistics are 3 years out of date, by I suspect the ratios are similar.

    Haha, what a loaded question! If we say that religion is a set of beliefs about God, then can we call Jainism a religion? Or Buddhism, Taoism or Shintoism? If we say that religion is some kind of belief in the supernatural, then couldn't we also call belief in the paranormal religion, or even magic, religion? Or if we say that religion is an orientation to a higher meaning, then couldn't we call Communism a religion? Or nationalism, liberal and conservative politics, environmentalism, human rights, animal right etc etc?


    Whatever definition you give of religion, it seems that you can either find a religious example that doesn't fit, or a secular example that does fit and thus makes the definition meaningless. I think we know what a religion is emotionally, but we can't quite articulate it rationally.
  13. Booster

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    Many religious texts sees all kinds of sex and sexuality as wrong unless intended for reproduction. Porn being morally wrong is just a by product of those teachings. as porn wasn't around with the origins of most religions. Its just religious people pick and choose what bits they like to suit there end game.
  14. parex

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    Can everyone stop the people posting against mastrabation .? ..We are here to fight against porn induced mastrabation ...not mastrabation ..right .?
  15. parex

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  16. ShotDunyun

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    I don't care if there are religious or non-religious people on NoFap. I'm a non-believer, but it doesn't matter to me if I see some posts talking about how to overcome PMO through religion. It helps some people, so what works for me is if I see one thread with the word "Christian", "God" or "religion" I just ignore it and go on.
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  17. Can you name some texts, and cite the parts that imply or say sex/sexuality is wrong and should only be used for reproduction?

    I am not religious in any way, shape, or form by the way, in case anyone may be jumping to conclusions.
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  18. Any religious person of any religion here is a friend of mine :) Regardless of how much or how little they may happen to discuss their religion.

    It is all about mutual respect, well said.
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  19. Booster

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  20. Do you interpret any of these scriptures as stating ALL sex/sexuality is wrong except that with the intent of reproduction?

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