Why overcome PMO? What can we do with our time?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by lordofporn, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. lordofporn

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    Some days i had spend around 12 hours doing things related to PMO, thats a lot of time, and the most difficult part of is understand that all the time i spent on PMO it's gone forever, our time our lifes don't last forever, we can't go to the store and buy more time for our lifes.

    Remember the words above the next time you start to think about relapse into PMO, we must decide wisely what we are going to do with our time, try to choose do something that turns you into a better person, spending time doing things that brings nowhere, isn't a good idea.

    How much worth your time? How do you want to spend it?

    Thanks everyone for be here and read this post.
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  2. Asgardian36

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    good post, brother! S very true!!!
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  3. Chels

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    Good post, and one I am thinking off myself. Been no pmo now for around 8 days although mine was a night (bedtime habit) time habit. So I have currently replaced this with just going to bed with my wife and either watching tv until I go to sleep or sex with her. But the goal is no more porn ever.
    Why ? Because I want to better myself. Pmo every night was is just wrong.
    But there are other behaviours habits I need to look into which I need to look into because ultimately it will probably take me back to pmo.
    I think being lazy in general is the main one. I am ok at work, but soon as I get home everything is done for me and I just feel tired and only want to sit in front of tv or do some gaming. Too much of both is another waste of life. I have been set in this way for so long now, I struggle to know what else to do with myself. Good post
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  4. lordofporn

    lordofporn Fapstronaut

    @Chappo030891 @Chels thanks for the support.
    Im trying to change my life choosing wisely how i spend my time. Today im still clean of PMO, for me is a good start.
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  5. Marik757

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    Staying productive and finding an routine to get out of the PMO habit is challenging at first. But once you get the ball rolling you should keep adding momentum to keep things going.

    12 hrs is an lot of time to waste which you could spend to better yourself. Taking care of chores, reading an book, going to gym, going out with friends, learning an new trade is always more beneficial to you in the long run.
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  6. ReclaimedLife

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    Yes the time we spend on porn is gone forever. But just being here makes it clear that you subconciously want a shift in your life, even if it might be hard.
    We have to see the past for what is it. The past. Nothing we can change about what happened or what we did or didn't do.

    It is important to acknowledge the good and the bad and let BOTH go. Cherish the good past and learn from the mistakes or the things that were tough and bad. Extract the lessons.
    I used to try to recreate the beautiful situations i had before, knowing it was beautiful. But when we let them go as well, we can start creating new memories that are not depending on replecation something that once was.
    Be open for what you can create for yourself, for your body, mind and soul.

    Let the past go, no matter how bad or beautiful it was.

    I recommend working out, reading books and doing activities that bring you joy. Dancing, Singing, Writing, Boxing, Annoying other people around you, practicing your "KA-MEEEE=HAAAAAA-MEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" on the streets are all wonderful things to do. Especially the last one.
    If you see someone doing that in the middle of a crowded place like the supermarket or in the shopping center, feel free to talk to that person.
    Chances are, they are awesome to talk to. Probably a good idea to talk about Dragonball and our Lord and Saviour Vegeta at first : )
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  7. lordofporn

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    Thanks for all the support and comments you guys leave here, i appreciate it.

    The idea of this post is for remind myself that i have to decide carefully what i'm going to do every moment and be present for notice when i'm doing anything for too long that brings nowhere.

    The other idea of this post is try to help other members of this community to understand the value of time (your time, our time) because i learn that my time worth millions just few years ago, but just last days i'm really feeling this idea, things like that happen, as example people know that junk food isn't good for their health but many of them keep eating junk food.

    I hope i start using my time in a better way and i hope you guys do the same.

    Thanks for read this.
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  8. mcouepa

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    Read read read read read read. Reading is the best way to learn about life and the world around us. I’ve been reading a ton since starting NoFap and it has become one of the greatest things I have discovered.
  9. shygirl

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    Thanks for your words, this will help me a lot. I hope see more posts from you.
  10. It really hard our hormones promotes us to desire porn. I am really sick and tired of it. I am a college student and work and as you said I waste too much on it, and that time is gone forever. Heartbroken fact
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  11. Chels

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    Don’t be so hard on your self I am 42 and have lost years and years. You are a young kid with years ahead of you end it now and this will be a small phase in your life that you will have almost forgotten about.
  12. lordofporn

    lordofporn Fapstronaut

    Im on my way of change my future.
    Yesterday i had spend 8 hours doing things related to my career, 8 hours! thats a lot.
    Im still clean, day 7 doing Monk Mode.

    Stop wasting time, never is too late;)
  13. lordofporn

    lordofporn Fapstronaut

    A good video for start making new habits and change our behaviors
  14. properWood

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    I like the idea in general, as long as we don't equate "worth" with dollar signs. Reading philosophy and spending time analysing your life has no monetary equivalent, and yet it provides you with the mental tools to cope with difficult situations. :)
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