Why PMO is the hardest addiction ever

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by JakeO5, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Imagine a guy sitting at a bar and drinking a draught, I mean it looks awesome (i am a man and I like beer) it's awesome

    Imagine a guy snorting a line of coke
    from a girls belly, it looks cool

    Now imagine a guy fapping to porn, that shit is disgusting right , I mean it's disgusting

    Yes I know that there is no such thing as a "cool addiction" but if addiction could be ranked because of coolness, PMO would be at the bottom

    Let's say that guy at the bar that is looking so awesome drinking a beer is actually an alcoholic, he can throw the beer in the drain

    And that guy that looks cool doing coke is an addict, he can flush it down the toilet

    But the disgusting guy, doing the disgusting PMO is also an addict? You cannot cut your dick of right

    So not only is PMO not awesome or cool, you can't get rid of the source neither
    So this is a shout out to the NOFAP community. We are the toughest sons of bitches on the planet, because we are fighting the hardest addiction on the face of the earth

    Fight the good fight brothers
    PMO sucks
    Nofap rules
    Time heal all wounds
  2. Maybe heroin and crystal meth are about as hard to quit? Lol

    But yeah, people have been trying to control their sexual instincts for thousands of years, and now we've got this internet porn bullshit going on to make things a hundred times worse.
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    it's almost like a crackhead that has a bag of crack strapped to him but he can't touch it
  4. Fabian7

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    I hate PMO. Screw PMO. Hail Christ.
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