Why some girls do this

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    Hahahaha! I just wanted to say, I don't think it's a bad thing--some people just push it too far.
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    It was good having the discussion with you, Would like to know a lot about your journey from your posts, will be looking forward. All the best in this journey
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    Thanks man! Same to you! Question though, we put the updates for our journey in our profile posts? I didn't know that. :O
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    Girls do this guys do this. For the attention, for the power, for kicks. Sometimes they’ve learned it from others, sometimes they do it just because. Best to move on, know the signs and recognize so you don’t fall prey again.
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    Just because nowadays, with social media, TikTok, tinder, too much importance is given to them.
    30 guys will be crushing and liking a single girl.
    While a simple guy could only hope for one girl.

    It's a troubled period of time. You should make yourself seen as different from others.
    Just think about it.
    There are plenty of guys on social, trying to make themselves look handsome.
    Too many guys contacting her on media and private messages.
    So why don't you try being different?

    Delete social media, focus on yourself, improving your manhood.

    Maybe this girl is just too materialistic.
    Try to find another one.
    But, with the next girl, try talking to her in person as a first approach.
    Make yourself seen different.

    That's the key
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    There are two ways of posting about the progress.

    1. Create a thread and post your journey in detail on day to day basis like a journal, you can make this thread your journal by pasting the url link in the profile details section

    2. If you want to give tiny updates about the progress or vent or share some idea, posting on the profile would be good it would help you get the reach and interact with more people.

    the 2nd one in particular is helping me interact with people than the thread/journal
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    First and foremost, women are human beings, just like men.

    There are good ones, bad ones, egoistic ones, altruistic ones, and so on.

    Once you really understand that women are human beings just like you in the first place, you'll both understand more about them and also find a suitable one more easily.

    You'll find mostly damaged goods on online dating platforms.

    The most simple and most successful formula for finding a suitable woman is, in my opinion, first sorting out what you want in your own life and then do it. You'll find a woman there.

    Let's say all you do in life is playing online games. You'll only ever meet girls online, and they'll all be online gamers.

    Let's say you are into books and visit a library regularly. Chances are quite high you'll find a woman who also likes books and visits libraries.

    Let's say you love playing table tennis and a member of a table tennis club. Chances are quite high you'll find a woman there who you can share your hobby with.

    Let's say you use a cell phone app that's notorious for quick hook-ups, has contributed greatly to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and selects people basically only for their looks. Figure what kind of woman will you find there..

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    OMG MAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THIS!! Aghhhhhhh!! As a woman, I couldn't agree more! It's nice to see a post on this thread that actually points all this out!
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    Thanks for the tips!! I think I like the second option too!
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    Sounds like she just wants to draw attention to herself. I would go after her best friend or someone she is very close with. Sounds like she has some problems she hasn't worked out yet.
  11. Some girls are trash, same goes for guys I have my own strict standards for dating, for example if I see a girl in all designer clothes, a designer purse and heels, I can pretty much assume she is a very materialistic person and not worth dating, of course I could be wrong but in general you can tell a lot about a person based on clothing and how they converse with others, immature people will cuss a lot and be loud and obnoxious, they will talk about stupid worldly things and have little interest in topics that require deep thought, but again this is all just me and how I pick my potential mate.
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    You can assume she is rich lol

    Those topics are funny, deep tought topics are majority boring (unless your talking about history ) specially philosophy it makes me sleep lol , nobody has to have a philosophy mind
  13. The truth is that if you meet girls who manipulate you, you have to ask yourself questions about yourself first.

    You attract what you send into the world. Yes, there are girls like that, but there are also guys like that, and even worse.
    The fact that you end up talking to this kind of girl and that you want to go further with these girls is not by chance

    Yes, what I am saying hurts to hear. To think that it is our responsibility if a girl hurts us that the opposite seems illogical on the surface.
    But when we really look at ourselves and look honestly at what we think of ourselves and how we treat ourselves on a daily basis, it's not surprising.
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