Why the lies...?

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    It infuriates me.

    What do they stand to gain from this... There is so much false information that we are told on the internet and this is the worst; it is a psychological and biological attack, it is healthy and okay to masturbate, so they say. Of course it is okay, we can choose to do what we want... but it isn't healthy. I see articles like these in the masses, from a simple google search of "is masturbation healthy"...

    "Masturbation isn't unhealthy or bad for you at all. Masturbation can actually be good for your health, both mentally and physically. And it's pretty much the safest sex out there — there's no risk of getting pregnant or getting an STD. ... Plenty of research has shown the health benefits of masturbation."
    Click for Source - Planned Parenthood website.

    This is just one source of the many websites like these giving false/misleading information. Using similar searches, you're able to find tonnes of information geared toward coercing the curious, likely already vulnerable... articles like these put doubt on if someone should masturbate, majority saying the act doesn't cause any harm. Of course, we know it does. It weakens the immune system, reduces the amount of androgen receptors, causes stress on the body (As the body must replenish what has been lost from ejaculation, a process which uses more than double the resources of which is lost through semen). Prolonged masturbation, over a long period of time hurts the body. It affects the endocrine system which causes hormone inbalances... Undoubtly affects growth muscles are weakend through ejaculation. Overtime, the body will become stressed and both physical and mental health will decline.

    The sad thing is... these effects are all observable, quite clearly to someone who has been addicted to PMO etc. However, health professionals continue to deny that there are any harmful effects, and some will even encourage we do masturbate. Often you'll find people can fool themselves in seeking temporary pleasure, cradled in false security from the lies; Professionals like to make claims like "Masturbation is completely harmless and may even reduce your risk of prostate cancer, if you masturbate more than 6 times a week!" And whilst the risk of prostate cancer could be reduced, it's not exactly outweighing the negatives of masturbating that many times in a week. It isn't going to increase the risk of cancer if someone doesn't masturbate either? So why do they say that at all...?

    Please let me know what you all think... the truth is infront of us, we just need to believe it.
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    Yes yes yes it is the harmlessness theories to make someone trap to the vicious cycle of PMO.
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    this noble profession is surely not without its snakes,
    best to know yourself, your mind, your body,
    there's many variables included in all those things,
    and cookie-cutter answers won't suit all,

    sadly medical community relies on business and materialism,
    and i find a more of a spiritual approach more serving me in
    terms of direction to pursuit.
  4. mattyjsy

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    Masturbation isnt a problem for the majority of guys, and the people making these claims that it is healthy are making that claim based on the presumption that pornography is inherently harmless and are unaware of its effect on the central reward circuitry in our brains. It will take time for the science to catch up (think back when smoking was promoted as healthy due to its stress relieving effects)
  5. You_ll_succed_for_sure

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    Because they are Anti Christ. And the lead people into the pit of hell.
    See how many people are troubles and pain due to that ? Because it's a sin, and sin kills, that's why people are suffering, that's why dude.

    Anti Christ is sin: the men of sin, the lawless one. That's why you see all the media, the top one promoting masturbation as healty
    Because they're from the Anti Christ.

    Jesus said in John 14:6.
    "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."
    Jesus is the life indeed, and masturbation is not life at all: see all the problems, see all the troubles ?

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  6. bken

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    Well you know what they say

    Experience is the best advisor

    Or something like that
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  7. Demodectic

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    Its better that the majority of men masturbate. Now they will have less testosterone than us and will be more beta than we.

    I always buy used cars but I encourage "the masses" to buy new cars from dealership. One day you will wake up to the reality that the majority of "mainstream advice" is false and is harmful. Not just about PMO but also about eating and health and "going to college" and "get married, have a baby" and so forth.

    Turn your back on mainstream advice and instead figure things out for yourself. Mainstream society just wants to brainwash and trap you. To make you punch a clock at a 9 to 5 and part of the ratrace. To accrue big debts while chasing materialism and then you will be a slave to the bank or be trapped providing for a wife and kids for the rest of your life.

    Forget all that nonsense and instead follow your own goals and dreams. And make sure they are actually YOUR GOALS and not the goals that have been programmed into your subconscious by mainstream society
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    Some guys get physical pain, and if there are no wet dreams then M is the only relief available. The P is the true evil part that objectifies people in worse and worse ways as time goes on. So I'm kinda neutral about M serving as a maintenance activity when absolutely necessary to relieve pain, and not before.
  9. gagate

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    they get physical pain because they cannot withstand the amount of stored energy, it's temporary, I had it a couple times but then gone for good. When you go to the gym it hurts the following day, but then it goes away and the body adapts, just apply common sense people
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  10. Well, medical-science is often very pin pointed thus i belive many of the
    observations they do are true but in the pin point view.

    Human-being is very complex wholeness, and science struggles to
    understand many of the connections in body – to build perfect wholeness picture.

    It could be probably compared to space-science, we know space but
    there's still so much what we don't know. And space-science has this
    hunt for mythical theory-of-all which should explain everything.

    And it's been through all the history, we think we know all, but actually we didn't.
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  11. Infrasapiens

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    I know everyone will get angry at this but, there is nothing wrong with masturbation. There is also nothing right about it, it is just something that can become addictive, just like a lot of other activities.

    Also, NoFap is not against masturbation, it is against pornography.
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  12. Get_It

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    Dude, the very name itself means don't masturbate.
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  13. I love u but I gotta disagree with you here. Check it out:
    Source: https://nofap.com/about/

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