Why there are so many Rape cases in India? My take.

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    OK, sigh, Before I write my thoughts on this sensitive issue here, I want to make sure that this is my take based on my research, experience and the way society around me process. It is not my goal to hurt any religious beliefs, the system, etc. I am going to talk freely here about what I think transpires to these moments. I love my country and I always will but it is not perfect and it has its own flaws, somebody has to talk about it and here I am. So before you spit hate and show rage among me, you can opt-out of this thread.

    Anyway getting back to the topic at hand.
    Recently for the past couple of weeks, i have seen a lot of news regarding these cases both on newspaper and tv news channels. Just imagine what it does to you when the first thing you read about is this shit, makes your blood boils and wants to kill these guys but what can a student do in these matters. I was really ashamed by the fact that women who should be respected are treated like toys that are used by these criminals.
    So it just got me thinking why this thing has no stoppage here. What leads to this moment and what transpires people to do so?

    So here is what I think.
    There are 3 major key factors that make the mentality of these criminals this way.
    1. Lack of Sex ED from schools.
    2. Exposure to Porn from an early age
    3. No strict law for the culprits who did this shit.

    1. Lack of Sex ED from schools - If you are raised in developed countries like the USA or UK, you are sure to have classes based on Sex education. Telling u about condoms use and stuff, you all probably know so there is no point in telling you all that. But here there is no such thing. I remember, when I was young this topic was usually laughed at and treated like that "Awkward" subject. The teacher, on the other hand, has some sense of awkwardness too regarding this subject. Nobody knows what penis, vagina other stuff actually is. If you can find me a person in India that can talk freely about sex and stuff with his parents, then I will give u 10 bucks just for that. It's just uncomfortable to talk about. When those kissing or a bit intimate scenes are shown in the middle of the movies, the first thing (if the family is watching together) act like they are doing something else and change the channel. Yeah, I know its that uncomfortable.

    2. Introduction of Porn from a young age - I watched my first porn when I was 14 and masturbated at 15 years of age. The period when you haven't even hit puberty yet. I thought I was alone but I knew people you started watching when they were 12 or even 10, They called this "The Hand Practice". I was like WTF are you talking about?? Tho they didn't tell me what exactly this is, I came to know about it on my own. Which is the thing I regret the most about in my lifetime. How thing would be different if I hadn't had the exposure. And there were millions like me. SO do the math, kids don't know what sex is until shown in porn, and you know porn. How easily its a succubus that has trapped people of all ages in its trap and how women are shown as objects in these videos. That's what stays in the mind of a young person who is on learning age. You all know pretty well how porn is different than from real life, and know what a normal person thinks is, "I can do this and that with the women, women are horny as shown in this video, THEY WON'T SAY NO IF I TAKE THE LEAD, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, BONDAGE, DP, ANAL and shit." This gives them the courage to do so afterward.

    3. LACK OF ANTI-RAPE LAWS IN INDIA- There are tons of cases lying around in courtrooms that are labeled "Raped" and they are rotting away with every other case fills. Dates are extended and this goes forever. Other countries have death penalties and I don't know what is stopping that to be the penalty in here. What pains me more is how the issues go from political to Religious and some even says its the woman's fault. (Like what the shit dude). Some guy, minister on the twitter said: "They (Women) should keep condoms with them in such cases". This made me so mad, I guess this is what happens when non-educated assholes are made ministers. People will take, do a couple of candle marches and forget about it in a week and this cycle continues. This all is really frustrating and reality here, I am not afraid to talk about the truth.

    India is not a bad country, I live here and I love it. It's just a lack of actions on these 3 factors. I am hoping for the day where we can call this is the safest place for women in the world. Peace
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    First of all, India is not even in top 5 countries with most no. of rape cases every year. It mostly include developed countries and according the huge population the ratio compared to other countries is quite low actually.

    I strongly disagree with your first point, it's a very sensitive topic and such matters should be kept private as it's a special thing between a married couple so it's obviously awkward to talk about it and i believe our culture is right about that. Teaching kids sex education can make young teenager getting curious having sex at minor age is destructive for any society and here in India it won't be acceptable at all and i would consider it immoral to say the least.
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    Sexual frustration from being exposed to too much nudity online and on TV while not being able to marry because of the high cost of marriage, along with bad education and bad upbringing. It's quite similar to where i live, although here is not as bad as in India.

    To solve rape and things like that you need to allow people to be sexually satisfied through healthy marriage, stop exposing them to nudity 24 hours so their sexuality isn't overstimulated, raise them with good morals and religion, give them the best education you can offer and rape cases and sexual harassment would go down by 99%.
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    Good morals and religion. Religion can get a big knock. Religion in on its self isn't bad, bad religion is bad. There's such a thing as good religion. People attempt to knock all religion as the lack of good religion means they can get away with things like rape. The same goes for law and the enforcement of it. The bad people will use religion and law solely for themselves.
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    As person who lives in a place with almost no respect of the law, most issues of this kind can be solved by executing a proper punishment.

    I heard that in some place I don't remember the name of, there was a rapist who went to jail and after being mauled by all the other inmates, they cut off his [TRIGGER] and forced him to eat it with rice. I think that is a good insentive to not rape.
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  6. Over sexualization has become a global issue . We as humans need to be aware that our animal behaviors are being triggered and manipulated by advertising . Corporations are purchasing highly detailed computer analytics using all of our search history to get us to buy a certain products or maybe even plant seeds of desire for future purchases . When over 70 percent of all traffic on the global intranet is PORN , you can see why companies use sexual content in advertising, it's a no brainier to make money . There's is a saying you probably already know it SEX SELLS . But we as humans need to be aware when and how we are being manipulated . Sexual content triggering our lizard brain would be a excellent topic to discuss in school and would possibly help .
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  8. It was my pleasure it was a good exercise for me to stay conscious towards my journey to be more self aware. I am assuming but Kratos_GOW your country appears to be in the process of becoming unrealized as India was know just a 100 to 150 years ago to have more self realized people than any culture on the Planet.
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    I would have preferred to communicate with you in the form of a conversation, but your profile does not permit conversations, so I will post this reply here:

    I have always been very interested in India, its history, its ancient culture, so I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to India. Something has always had me very puzzled when it comes to this problem with rape in India, and I would be very interested in hearing your take on this:

    Unlike Muslim countries, particularly countries like Saudi Arabia, for example, where women are viewed as second-class citizens almost, and have few rights, that is not the case with India. There are countless highly educated, very successful women in India. Women have even reached responsible positions in Government in India. This is why I am so baffled about rape being such a serious problem in India. As I said, I would be very interested in hearing your take on this.

    And there is one more thing, and you can tell me if my perception is correct:

    I get the impression at least that rape is a much more serious problem in North India than in South India. Is my perception correct?
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    It's all over, the recent case that almost made me puke was from South India.
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    Please IM sorry if i will be clear with my point here,every opinion is different and this is my opinon....
    the main thing is pushing back or suppressing of your thoughts like if you see a girl and dont want to see her but from inside you want to know how she is looking like...that feeling of not doing what you thing is very dangerous, and our bloody shit sanskaar(ancient teachings) dont teach us anything, because in our sanskars(teachings) river is a form god but the most dirty rivers are in india, we treat girl as a form goddess but what people are doing with them is shit, in only our country what we beileve is little girls are kanya(form of goddess) but we are seeing little girls getting raped, what's this going on, so throw off that bloddy shitty sanskaars do the things that are universally morally right, eg. fapping is not bad, god will not punish us due to this thing, but actually we are punishing ourselves, in previous time we were married as soon as we hit puberty so we don't needed our hand but now we are left with nothing so we use our hands,porn is also not bad but excessive regular watching of that is bad, excess of anything is bad.

    in our india if any old man sees any girl and boy together he assumes they are gf,bf, and think the girl as bad girl.
    Old people, and backward mindset people from rural areas dont know western culture so they think if girl is wearing short dress she is sl*t, but its not like that they can wear anything they want, atleast western culture is good because it gives liberty and equality to people and all people treat other gender as equal.

    so my humble request is to dont treat girls good, treat them like you treat a boy or anyone, treat equal, and

    I am an half psychologist because IVE read many books and have communicated with every type of person and girls.
    LET ME TELL YOU that IVE READ complete interview of 100 rapist that was taken by Madhumita Pandey and Ive read many other hundreds of reports that I believe that anyone here might have read so believe me the point is:
    1.lack of education: because ive researched that approx above 90% who are rapist are illiterate in india and come from rural areas.

    2. Lack of communication skills: they can hardly can communicate with any girl, because they have never done before in life so they do action because they cant talk to them or impress them, because express to impress.

    3.Old school Indian mindset: in which the presence of deep very deep rooted patriarchy, which means male is above than females, and girls can't do anything and speak anything or above men.

    4. MOST IMPORTANT POINT: the parents or elders who dont allow or think talking to girls is bad for their kids that parents should take a consultancy program, because they are SUPRESSING the thought process, and the more you supress the more you express that thing.

    SO please dont believe in sanskars and all be intellectual believe in moral value, and dont fake , talk more to girls ,beieve in yourself, have an aim, speak whats good, respect everyone, DEVELOP COMMUNICATION SKILLS


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    Great points. It actually makes me sick to my stomach when i hear underage girl suffering from man's brutality. What you said about society is true. They need to change their mind set too
  13. Seems that watching highly unplesent videos calling actress names they dont want to be refered as have a consequence
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