Why virginity is a good thing?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by orderdetail, Nov 28, 2019.

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    My story? Basiclaly:

    At 16 y/o, I had no identity, no prospects, no job, no money, no friends, no social life, no confidence, no whatever else (despite trying. progress has been extremly slow).

    Missed out on so much, sex, nights out, adventures, holidays, connection with people, etc.

    Basically, the social isolation dehumanized me.

    I'm in a better condition now, but unfortunately the effects of this long and tough journey has its marks still showing.
  2. I'm not a virgin but i feel like i am. I'm 36 and it's been 12 or so years since i've so much as kissed a woman. I'm in no hurry and not ashamed of the fact it's been so long. The pressure put on young men and women to 'get laid' is immense and i have so much respect for those who managed to fight back against that pressure and do it their way when the time was right 'for them' rather than doing it because it's expected
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    Yes, but unlike you... I don't look at it as a matter of life or death!! It's about the EXPERIENCE OF LIFE ITSELF!!

    We should certainly model our life on how the our ancestors approached it as it is a key factor to our happiness, but to say that they didn't have fun, is actually not correct, they had fun.
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    Three years without fun? Hahahaha....!

    Trying 20+ years then you'd come back and say that fun is indeed essential! (essential for the 'norma' development of the mind!)

    BTW, that example of the forest.... once I settle down, I'd have fun!! (Have you never seen Castaway by Tom Hanks?!)
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    To be virgin is not bad or good thing. It relates on how you want it to be and how you look at it. Only you can say, what is better for you.
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    Having fun sucks anyways.
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    I don't think that it's a bad thing to wait but some people are scared to when they wait for a longer period then others. In the end I think it's a personal thing for everyone. we each choose when and where to lose our virginity.
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    People should have quality sex. A virgin is missing out on a part of life experience. It's shameful that people are allowed to be virgins, it's a form of social ostracism.
  9. virginity isnt a good thin at all. in religion, if you are a virgin but want to lose it and cant then you arent a saint of anything , you are a sinner.
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    Being a (male) virgin in any society is a shameful thing. Not stating my opinion - it's a simple fact. Society made that rule, not me. The shame and stigma associated with male virginity past about 15 or 16 is almost unbearable. It is unescapable and you're reminded of it whereever you go no matter what you do. Simply out yourself as a 18+ year old (male) virgin ANYWHERE in the world and see the reaction you get. Non-virgins don't know how lucky they are.
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    Lost my virginity at 29. The woman who took it didn’t seem to care and I only had to be a virgin once.
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    i don’t know where you live but 18/19 is the age when people loose virginity in my country, on average. It’s 22 in India.
    It’s clearly not a big deal. Sure that’s not the kind of thing you would want to boast in our current society but it only concerns you, God and maybe your future partner. Nobody else.

    What ? Being virgin has nothing to do with lust.
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    If you want to lose virginity and cannot ...... then it is a problem.
    Otherwise life is awesome.
    Unfulfilled desires cause sadness.
    and desires are infinite
    and they change every now and then.
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    actually is not necessary a good thing. Most of the times is not.
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  15. virginity is a disease really that will cripple your social and sexual life, and make you depressed.
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    Please, if you are not here to help anyone then why reply at all?
  17. I am here to help!

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