Why we are so weak after ejaculation?

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  1. Nice! Pardon my unsolicited advice, but in my humble opinion, you should see her again, or any other girl, and have sex as many times as you want. Just don’t ejaculate. You can have the cake and eat it.
  2. Yes, sometimes I felt like... what the f Im doing, I have not orgasmed for 6 months. Alien like. Than u realize Dalailama has not orgasmed for decades an its sorted.

    Wanting to k ow how it feels... right.. reminds me the urges to retry how masturbation feels. It feeeeeeeelsssss aweeeesomeeee for 5 seconds.
  3. What exactly you think is "nice" in my post? Also, try having sex after 200 days, stick ur dick in wet hot horny vagina, and tell me about your karezza afterwards. I love ypu guys, who never been at the place we at, yet u have full mouth of advices, which has exactly same value as your streaks... close to zero
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  4. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the advice!
    That brings me to the next question/issue (which might sound ridiculous btw):
    When that day and moment arrives, I am a bit concerned about being rejected because of my limited experience in the past (i.e. that it would be a huge turnoff to a future gf). I remember back during my college days when my team-mates and friends were telling stories about all their shags which made me feel inferior (and less of a man) because I had nothing to tell them about in that matter. I felt like I was worthless and didn't deserve to get what they all got. Hence, I was beating myself up a lot because of this which might sound ridiculous.
    Even if I was far superior and more experienced in many other walks of life, that inferiority complex (regarding my limited experience) haunted me for a long time and still does to some extent. Although, I can live with it much easier these days without obsessing too much about it.
  5. LOL okay dude relax. First of all I’ve been in that place many times, I speak from experience. Second, where do you get the guts to talk to me like that? Take your narrow minded ass back to whoever allows you to, but here you will treat others with respect. Bitching because he had sex and feels like shit after ejaculating.... Spoiled brat, first world problem having ass punk.
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  6. haha so u tell me to relax than you throw countless insults towards me

    never fight fire with fire, now u look like even bigger idiot than me

    Anyway, isnt this thread about feeling bad after ejaculation? Than please explain to me how my comments about feeling bad after ejaculating are off topic? And where you take the guts to call it a 1st world problem when this is exactly the place, where things like this should be discussed?

    Also, you failed to explain to me, what exactly you find "nice" about me feeling bad

    PS: pls take it as a rhetorical questions now, I dont really expect any meaningful answers
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  7. You no longer deserve my opinions, kid. I’m not sharing anything with disrespectful people, so move on.
  8. I not only do not deserve your opinions, I dont really care about them anymore :) So please, move on
  9. Life Blue

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    My personal belief is because sex is literally used to birth a human being! The energy required for this is immense! You’re literally giving your life force away to help create a human being.

    How many humans does one create in a lifetime? 1 to 5 max for most people… so while the urges are there to jump on any opportunity to procreate, to perpetuate the survival of the species, the energy required is HUGE! I mean think about it,… it’s literally pure life force needed to create a human life, and you’re giving it from your resources.
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  10. potso

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    mm.. i have no experience myself so i dunno hehehehe
    so maybe.. and just maybe.. u can find a girl who has as much experience as you, then u will understand each other and can start together a good journey..
    i dunno though how to know about the other's experience.. like how u can measure from what u know about her where she is in that field..
  11. 7WolfOfWallStreet

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    Just be confident and it will pass , do not worry too much isn't worth it .
  12. potso

    potso Fapstronaut

    yeah.. like give thanks and pray to the Lord and everything will be alright;)
  13. Because when we go up to our max, we can only go down
  14. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    These, days it would be almost impossible to find a girlfriend who hasn't been many rides on the CC already. Unless they are very young and come from a home with strict parenting or religious upbringing of some kind.
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  15. potso

    potso Fapstronaut

    mm.. yeah.. mayb we can find some in eastern countries.. there are still some cultures and communities that only allow sex in marriage.. but it's hard to know anyway.. well i might be biased cuz i live in an eastern country hehe and raised in a christian family
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  16. bken

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    The French call ejaculation La petite mort, which means the little death. I once saw a documentary in which you could see an egg cell meet with a sperm cell, this created so much energy a flash of light seemed to result.

    All of these sperm cells, in their millions, all carry their nutrients, dna and energies in case they make it to the egg cell first. And we wonder why we feel weak after ejaculation. Micronutrients is what drives cells. When you don't ejaculate your body will surely reabsorb them and use it across the system. Orgasm is worse for a man than it is for a woman. All they can lose is a bit of easily replaceable fluid. It takes a lot of blood to produce one spoonload of sperm.
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  17. Mithras

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    Tout à fait ! You're absolutely right.
    Concerning women, do orgasms related to masturbation really cause bad effects to mind and body except for the chemical changes in the brain due to dopamine ?
  18. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    The thing is that all men who ejaculate and/or masturbate frequently do suffer from anxiety/OCD/depression-like symptoms or similar to some kind of degree. They are just unaware of it and go through life wondering why they feel fatigued, dull, lazy, unmotivated, unconfident, emasculated and never dare call people out on their poor behavior (even when doing so would be very beneficial). Not to mention their fast aging and degrading physique.
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  19. Exit the Matrix

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    Here is a powerful quote I found.

    "The energy that is wasted during one sexual intercourse is tantamount to the energy that is spent in physical labour for ten days or the energy that is utilized in mental work for three days. Mark how precious is the vital fluid, semen!"
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  20. dankestmemes

    dankestmemes Fapstronaut

    This is why I'm abstaining from non-sexually induced orgasms. Porn isn't a problem for me and I don't masturbate compulsively. But I do want to refrain from ejaculation unless it's inside a vagina. It will make me desire my wife more. Instead of masturbating like little boys or weaklings, prehistoric men probably just had sex or outright raped a woman (I am not condoning rape) whenever they felt an urge. I want to cultivate this attitude in me. If I'm horny, I'd rather fuck a pussy than my own hand.
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