Why we keep going back to our self-destruction candy

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    The worst Life has meaning whether you want it or not

    In this world there are white lies and bloody truths. The second concept is stolen from Nietzsche, sue me already.

    Contrary to many beliefs, he despised nihilism with all of his guts.
    After a lifetime of illness, it was only natural to think that the purpose of life was suffering, not meaninglessness.
    By living a life devoid of meaning one has no responsibilities and thus benefit from whatever satiates his base impulses.

    When the whole point of existence is to suffer, people still aim at increasing the amount of good and lessening the bad. The effort is worth because pain is the absolute thing that matters.

    ▬ I think that's enough context ▬
    With all of this I wanted to build ground for talking about hunger, or deep, thoughtful desire to face discomfort and improve one's life.

    Reason to why doing hard stuff makes your life more bearable
    Many times we're required to suffer before reaching outstanding heights. Only the man who trained masterfully can endure the air up there.
    Urges, blue balls, girls DMs, being deemed crazy by our social circle and ostracizing are what one must conquer in order to be worthy.

    Nofap isn't supposed to make your life a piece of cake.
    It's supposed to build your character to the point it doesn't matter whether you bleed or break.
    This era we live in is product of hard men who endured harsh battles and made sure our circumstances would be better than theirs. Strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men, weak men create hard times and so on.

    I ask of you to choose what's hard but at the same time something that you deeply care about, something from before you were indocrinated by standard society to seek (success, money, women).
    I'm not saying that life in a 1st world country is ultimately easy, I had it drilled in my skin to not conceptualize things in Black and White.
    I'm saying one should not evade hardship, but actually seek what poses a fearful response that isn't dangerous to your survival, even if it sounds insane to do so.

    One of those is rejection by the opposite sex, since DNA programmed us to maximize mate potentiality. That's the reason gay men befriend women even if they're not interested in intercourse. Approval can be one hell of a motivator.

    Then what, smartass?
    A quack philosopher once said that throughout the course our lives, we should first become a camel (carry burdens), then a Lion (conquer prey as Apex Predator) and finally, a child (exist and engage in a world of wonders).

    You all must know what to do by now to improve in a meaningful way. If not or you are a lazy fuck go surf this platform a bit, there's tons of better advice than what I'm giving here. Even if you hate reading, at least read the last paragraph of the top threads, better than feeding your limbic brain hyperstimuli on social media.

    TL;DR (hate these but they can be helpful sometimes):
    A life can be filled with despair but not devoid of meaning, suffering is the purpose of life.
    You can't reason with instincts.
    You must develop true hunger for a better life.
    Societal values don't count as ambition.
    Go crazy enough to face fearful situations that doesn't endanger survivability.
    Be Camels, Lions and then Children.
    Work to stop being hostages of your limbic brain.
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