Why would God create some people foreknowing that they would hate their existence?

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  1. Brokenman123

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    Interesting points to meditate on. I'll respond later and BTW I don't want to go to hell, as you know I just wish I never existed.
  2. Max Fisher

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    I don't think you want to go to hell. I was being hyperbolic to make a point. I love you man as you know ;)
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  3. tweeby

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    So when a novelist or game developer writes a book or a narrative for a movie should they do so where all the characters co-exist without any problems or issues?
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  4. Brokenman123

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    Yeah, at least with God since the Bible says God is not the author of confusion or problems.
  5. retard

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    Another way to explain it is that when encountered with difficulty, people get to make the choice and rely on God's help instead of hating themselves or some other sin. Doing this is the only way for people to actually love God more, since with no suffering, they have no reason to appreciate our Lord and God.
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  6. Brokenman123

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    If God needs to allow humans to suffer in order to be appreciated then something's seriously wrong.
  7. RavenPH

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    I believe that God created us because we are His image. He wants to fill the earth with His image before sin entered the world. Those who believe in Him he already foreknew (pre-destined). I don't think the Lord takes pleasure in seeing us suffer. The things that we experience here on earth is a result of Adam's sin. Sin that we inherited but is forgiven when we believe in Jesus. As a believer, the things we experience here on earth is just the testing of our faith. The Lord Jesus will be most glorified when you have overcome your struggles and be a witness to your family and friends. I hope that your eyes will opened and your faith will be strengthened in Him. Do not fret for He (Jesus) has overcome the world.
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  8. JKnight

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    Free choice. There is a bit of conflict between Gd's foreknowledge and free choice and is quite a particularly lengthy discussion. The exact nature of that foreknowledge and the capability for prediction is fundamentally unknowable.

    For the most part, self-loathing occurs in many individuals but does not necessarily equal suicide and people do have capacity to overrule it. Take addicts, they are chemically compelled to knowingly engage in destructive activities. Yet systems exist to guide individuals out of these addictions. God creates an intelligence that is self-aware. Part of the danger of that is that the emotional side, influenced by negative experiences or self-perceptions or others, impale that intelligence, which is aware of its own decrepit state, thus resulting in suicide. We are not trained to appreciate the value of the intelligence, or the conscious decision making faculty, but rather we are taught to surrender to our impulses and emotions. This is a danger that leads many to this precipice. A good value system and healthy understanding of boundaries and a intelligent decision making process would prevent and cure this.

    Nonetheless, the revival of the intelligence, so to speak, achieved through the wrestling of the intelligence from the emotional side, develops a profound amount of strengths but also has the potential elevate an individual above his experiences and primal self.
  9. Hros

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    Hi, I'm a Jewish. Your question is a very important religious question. I haven't read all of the posts, but I can tell you some of what I know on the matter:
    It's clear from our sages of past generations that we can not grasp why God created Creation itself. However, the purpose of humanity - as explained in the book "The Path Of The Just" by Rabbi Moshe Luzzato - is to achieve the greatest pleasure possible, which is becoming close to God (another explanation in itself as to why becoming close to God is the greatest pleasure).
    How is this achieved? By doing God's will, which means following the Torah (our religious texts, laws and theology) (which, contrary to what many people think, does not mean you have to convert).
    True achievement comes from earning it. If everything in this world was beautiful and good and heart-warmingly fuzzy, there wouldn't be any challenge. Everyone would know what's right and never do any wrong, and so we wouldn't actually be earning rising spirituality.
    That's one of the main reason as to why there's evil in the world. A balance of good and evil gives us free will to choose between right and wrong, thus allowing us to truly earn spiritual growth and moving closer to God.
    Which brings us to another reason for bad things: since mankind has free will, unfortunately many people out there do bad things...
    Yeah, bad things happen. Bad things are what cause us to feel negative emotions which sometimes - but not at all always - lead to suicidal thoughts. One of the hardships of this world is learning how to properly deal with these thoughts.
    God doesn't sit on the couch every day, flicking the channels and enjoying watching mankind suffer. He's waiting for us to overcome the challenges and achieve our full potential (and, when he sees fit, he'll also intervene) (also a fascinating discussion on how intervention works).
    There's tons of reading matter on the subject.
  10. BestVersionToday

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    God either doesn't exist or doesn't give a fuck. It's a fact. I say he doesn't exist, and if he does how big is his dick?
  11. JKnight

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    that is a seriously stupid thing to say, borderline retarded. that's besides the fact that you have created a false dichotomy.
  12. Brokenman123

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    To all Christian participants in this thread that I attacked, I sincerely apologize and I am sorry for propogating the negative stereotype of atheists of being attacking and condescending of theistic beliefs or even implying that I or my beliefs may be better in some way or another... I hope you didn't go away with those stereotypical beliefs and if you did I apologize. Your beliefs are not stupid and I'm sorry if I insulted anyone.
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  13. Fightyourlowerself

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    Hi Brokenman123,

    Here is my understanding of this.

    My understanding is that god doesn't burden anyone with more than they can take - so when people commit suicide they had yet to discover their full potential / understand that they could have handled the problems they were given and this will be proven to them in the afterlife.

    There may be people who hate existing but believe in god and their belief gets them into heaven which is an eternal reward. So even though they suffered in this world, the suffering was small compared to the eternal happiness in heaven.

    No, god is far beyond such human defects.
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