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    As I said in a post recently, the human mind exists to be challenged. You are never meant to settle in conformism, your happiness and satisfaction will come from the release of hormones when you get results in your life. If I gave you a million dollars every day for the rest of your life you would eventually get tired and just look for a more challenging situation in your life. But if you work your ass off on your first job the first time you get a check will feel very good.

    So, we've established that the challenge gives you the satisfaction of achieving because it's difficult to get that result (that's why it's a challenge). But there's a couple more things that are great about challenging yourself everyday.

    The first one of those things is joy. Have you ever heard of "A game"? Whether it's in talking to girls, business, sports, academic activities, competitions, etc. when there's a chance to achieve you think ok this is the time for my A Game. It just means everything has to go smooth and you reduce your margin of failure to none. The thing is though, if every opportunity you have in your life is a challenge and it can lead you to great things your A Game becomes a habit. You perform greatly just because of the passion you feel for what you're doing. Joy comes from there. You can live in joy every day with that constant challenging and passion flaring inside you.

    Now the other thing is the negative side of challenge. It's called challenge because it's difficult and it is difficult because there's a big chance you can fail, and a lot of frustration comes from that failing. But if you change your mindset from "failure is bad and you should run from it" to "failure is the only way you can know how to succeed" then that frustration starts going away.

    In every challenge you have to be prepared for failure. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. So if you accept that you failed you can analize and understand why. Once you understand why you can work on those weak spots and try again. Doing this same process until you get the results you want.

    Dream big, belive in yourself to achieve those dreams and enjoy every single step.
  2. Nice! Thx for sharing. I've been trying to understand why I have failed at this so many times. It's so necessary for us to go back to trace our steps and understand why and how we got into this mess. We need to learn from our mistakes so we can stop making the same ones and move to the next level.

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