Why You Should Stop Ejaculating!

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    This is beautiful! Couldn't have said it any better.
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    What if there is more to sex than procreation ?!
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    give me some examples of what else
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    You could have sex for fun too though guys. Just don’t release all the time. Some married couples do this when they’re not ready for kids yet, like me. It bonds the marriage pretty well. Karezza works, it really does. Transmute that energy. If you don’t release in sex it creates a warm glow of energy afterwards
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    I'd like to call it "dragon's breath". The source where all your energy and motivation comes from whatever you are trying to achieve in life. When you ejaculate, you lose a significant amount of dragon's breath. Example professional fighters are not allowed to masturbate a few weeks before a match for no reason.
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    Loved this thread, it's on point.
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    Semen is the highest and most precious substance that the human body can create. Only men can create it, ofcourse.
    No one should waste this precious substance. It is holy in a "physical" way but there is also a holy non-"physical" aspect of semen. I say "physical" because nothing is really physical. Everything is wave form information decoded into the illusion of appearing physical. Atoms have no solidity. The small portion that has actual "solidity" are just energy.
    Everything we see and experience is energy and semen is a mysterious substance capable of creating a new life. Not only that but it's even full of life even before creating a human life.

    Buddhist monks have learned how to absorb their semen for a long time. It's said that semen continues to live inside the body.
    After monks have died and their bodies have been burned to ashes, what is left in the ashes is small crystals, or stones, that shimmer in the light. They say that semen can't be burned or destroyed and what is left are these stones. People have held these stones and described a feeling of a strong positive energy radiating from them. That's nothing strange since everything is energy.. People that are sensitive enough to pick up that energy will feel it.

    I have tried to find pictures of these stones because I have seen them before. Really interesting. See if you can find information and pictures of them yourself.
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  8. Свобода или смърть!!!
  9. Beekind

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    Orgasm and not ejaculation that causes prolactin to surge
  10. Beekind

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    Prolactin and testesterone have an inverse relationship.
    One goes up the other goes down.
    It is a fact . A scientific fact.
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    Thanks for the link. I am adding this to my research compilation thread.

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