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    I'm the girlfriend here. 8 year relationship where he was on open for 7 of those. I finally nsnshed to get him off hard open last summer and he agreed that I could change his internet settings and put a block on his phone.

    He was finally able to come again with a hand job. Hurrah. But not in actual sex. Once the hard core porn was out the way we got emptiomally close at last and started to talk about moving in but I wouldn't unless he could come from sex with me. So he agreed to try not tapping and see if his sensitivity came back. It's been a month . I've just found out all that time he's been fapping to vids on youtube on his work tablet . No wonder we were getting no where.
    Over the last 3 years I've been supporting him through 3 job changes being the only one around him who believes in him. He really wanted to move forward and move in next year and clearly loves me. Why is it so hard for him to give up fapping every night!!
    I've told him I can't see him again. It hurts so much that he would rather fap and lie to me :(
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    I am really sorry to hear that. Some guys will say anything to get a woman to stay with them and they really don't follow through with their intentions. I don't understand how any guy would rather masturbate to porn than have sex with a real life beautiful woman. I just cannot wrap my brain around it.
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  3. My only suggestion (apart from finding a new boyfriend) is not to pressure him at all. For a month don’t tell him what to do about anything. Don’t pressure him once. Incase it’s anxiety/performance based more than anything else and incase you are creating pressure on him leading to both these issues (pmo and lack of performance) . If I’m getting nagged and told what to do in general life it’s a turn off for me. Anything sexual also has to be spontaneous and not planned. And she has to be keen too..and I don’t have issues with performance never have
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    I know it's too late but you should have waited for marriage before you started doing all the sexual stuff. Then the problem would have either never arisen or would have manifested and came to a head. Tell him you will not be sexual with him anymore until he gets serious about leaving the addiction and getting married. It will force him to either come to his senses or chose to devote himself to his lust. If he chooses the latter you will be smart to move on.
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