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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by modo877776, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. modo877776

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    Just found out about this group today. I have developed a problem where I only masturbate to a wife sharing fantasy. I play this out on social media and feel so bad afterwards. It’s so misogynistic and completely against my usual values. It’s making me not want real sex with real women. Can this be ‘cured’?
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  2. modern milarepa

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    Yes, it can be cure simply stop watching it and let time pass. Don't fantasize about it too.

    Just like an ex girlfriend which you loved alot, eventually you will forget about her.
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  3. Lovelife247

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    Welcome, once you stop watching porn it will go back to normal. You got this, realize it’s a fantasy you don’t want. Your brain is playing tricks on you. Maybe try to schedule a date night or find a new hobby to do with your wife. Stay strong man, it’s a super Crappy tunnel you don’t wanna go down. Stop now, stay strong.
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    What? o_O What have Mormons got to do with it? :confused:
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  5. Magic underwear! ;)
  6. IGY

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    LMFAO! :D
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  7. TimeToQuitNow

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    Stop masturbating for a while. Maybe it will go away.

    Also, are you married? I feel like if you aren't then it is just some porn fantasy. If you are then maybe it goes deeper.
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  8. Had this fantasy myself, think it's p0rn induced. A lot of couples do this and regret it afterwards. The devil at work!
  9. Doublep

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    I felt the same. I would spend a ton of time watching shared wife videos. I even asked my wife about it in a round about way. I tried to join couples. It was a dark time. I have stopped PMO all around. And since then the urges have lessened and I know on time and with community and communication I will be rest back toy morals and values. You can make it happen. Think of what is on the line and why you have to lose.
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  10. Had this fucking problem too and I can’t shake the shame off of me.

    Years ago I’d share photos (explicit but no full nudes) of my lovely gf to a specific website to get attention, it was my light in the dark I had been through some years prior.

    One day I snapped and just told her, and now three years or so later we are engaged.

    I should really be happy, and I am - but I wish this whole cuck shit could burn and rot in hell, I never ever will return to the immature piece of shit i once was, that’s for sure.

    Stay strong!
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  11. Renew_1990

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    Its because youve burnt yourself out woth pmo. You have no drive left, so you find it more rewarding to let someone else pleasire your wife than you.
    Do your 90 days without p,m
    You will soon find that the natural urges return and the thought of sharing with someone else will enrage you.
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  12. BigBob73

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    I've always loved that fantasy of sharing my girl. Not in a cuckold way, more stag and vixen.
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  13. Inloverber

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    Save yourself while there is time. Avoid fantasizing, if it lingers your mind then try to do something to keep your mind busy. Or challenge yourself like if I didn't fantasize for a month, I'll gonna buy a shoes. Something like that, reward system. It works for some.

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