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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Johntempted, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Because while you’re cheating you’re concretely interacting with real people. You are entirely exposing yourself to real people, you are not watching sex characters on a screen.
    I would surely be upset if my partner watched porn, but it’s not equivable to real cheating at all. Plus, I’m pretty sure that, if this situation had reversed genders, nobody would have said “Talk to him, don’t dump him, even if he has cheated on you”. There are also a lot of biological factors that play the role. Not excusing cheating, but if a man cheats it is, in most cases, because of physical sexual needs, while for women it’s way more of an emotional response.
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    Good post! Thank you. I am like a periodic drinker. I get drunk and fall into all this very silly sick behaving and get lost and endulge in it and then I get out know all about it. All the advise knowledge and wisdom you have here I have and I apply it and it works until I fall I to the periodic event of endulgement.
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    For women not onky emotional. Can be also very calculative...more then men...for money for position for fame for an advantage. Guys are more harmless in that sense at least. They do it because thy are horny and find someone hot and can’t resist.
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  4. Stop god damn telling people what is and whats not cheating!
    Every relationship has its own boundaries.

    I chatted and got pics sent to me from anonymous strangers on a fetish site during a PMO-filled period because I had a fetish that i didnt want to force upon my GF. She now knows and everything is fine.
    I wouldnt bother if she did the same.
    I love her more than anything and would never touch another girl.

    Cheating if I ask her? NO! Cheating if she would do it? NO!

    But I suppose most of you could judge and tell us that we should break up and because you consider it a ”betrayal”?

    Sorry but this pisses me off, people come here looking for help to recover and all some of you do is yelling about how horrible the partner is and how he/she should leave?
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    I liked your response. I see you are trying to say that the “tangible” element makes physical sex outside Of a defined monogamous relationship worse. Worse than what you say?

    Worse than cheating with an invisible partner that you see daily, that you think about when you are sad, lonely, depressed, bored, frustrated, or just wanting to sleep? Porn is a jealous and raging sexual partner that is completely predictable, full for variety for every fetish, all-encompassing, super-controlling, and like a matrix machine of false love requesting attention, and secrecy all the time , at the same time.

    Does anyone else find the constant attentiveness to a fake, 2d image to deal with real life worse than that of the full experience of the real thing? Which is more pathetic ? The girl/guy married/single who shags in real life ? Idk.

    For me, These lines we draw that “well that pile of shit is worse than my pile of shit” is all together complete shit my friend.

    I agree and understand they are different but they share the same bed. Pun intended.

    They are both addictive destructive behaviors or patterns caused by emotional triggers and trauma.

    I advocate there’s two victims here of two distinct issues.

    I don’t see what difference it makes what gender of the SA is. They could be female or male. Nevertheless they are choosing to be addicted to attention, money, pleasure, escape, etc, from an immature, immoral, or addicted vantage point these are the same vice.

    The pmo addict chooses porn to deal with life , in the process they lose himself/herself, their friends, their time , their money, their health, their marriage, their lifestyle.

    I like that you want equality for both genders ; let’s not overlook the problem in that attempt to administer blind justice.
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    I would not want to leave her. Better work oyt
  7. need4realchg

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    Hell yes. Perfectly said.
  8. Nanni

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    Speak with her. Tell her the truth about the spying, the feelings that you had, your porn addiction and all the things you hide. Try to excuse and find a new balance in your marriage. There's nothing more beautiful than starting up once again with the woman of your life.

    I know I'm not properly the right person for marriage suggestions, since I'm a 24 years old single guy, but love is something that you can learn even during your childhood. Hope I've been useful for you.
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  9. Johntempted

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    I don’t dare yet but hope I can. Her sexting goes further. Now she shows pics where she actually gets fucked and where she blows!
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    I'd gather evidence in preparation for a divorce. Fortunately she is making this easy.
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    Dude you have to do something about this. She is clearly disrespecting you. And that guy definitely knows your a chump and might be telling others which will definitely affect your reputation. You've become a full fledged cuckold. How do you feel about this? Is it making you angry? Are you more turned on than before? If it's the latter then you have a serious problem. You've engrossed yourself in this cuckold fetish and there is a high chance it's related to the porn we watch. In a way, when we watch porn (regular straight porn) we simulate what is like to be a cuckold because it's us jerking off while 2 people have sex. Maybe you watched too much of this and grown to want it in real life. Maybe you've watched a lot of cuckold and femdom porn and now your brain is wired that way. Either way you need to stop watching porn, confront your wife, and do something about this!
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  12. Johntempted

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    I think she knows that I spy and she plays with it. She knows that this turns me on and she feeds me...maybe some of the many guys I showed her to told her. Now it’s her revenge showing me that she gets banged from others and knows I will see the texts. She also says humiliating things about me to them
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    Guys, he's not even trying to resist anymore. I think he's actually getting off on our disdain for him. Best to abandon thread.
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  15. TimeToQuitNow

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    Wise words right here

    Dude I'm not sure what the purpose was for making this thread if you clearly have no intention of changing yourself or your situation. Before I felt like you needed help but you clearly don't want it. Your wife doesn't respect you in the slightest and you're her happy little cuck. Next thing you know you'll be in the same room as her getting rammed by some other guy.

    This seems like a marriage beyond saving since there is no trust and respect anymore. Do yourself a favor and either get a divorce or just love being a beta male for her. Either way, don't bother posting here if you don't want to change. It seems like you get off by posting here as part of your perversion. Heck, maybe you're just a troll and none of this is true.

    Anyways I hope everything works out for the best. I hope you become the best person you can be and end this lifestyle. God bless you and your wife.
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    Dump this bitch or you'll forever remain a Cuck.
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    I'm pretty sure reading this thread damn near qualifies as a relapse for me. Strange to realize that I am on the far end of the spectrum even on a site like this. I don't watch porn for the naked bodies. I've seen thousands of hours of people slapping nakedly together. For me, it's always about the tension in the story underlying the act.

    All the anger and outrage being expressed in this thread, all the visceral reactions, this stew of pity, contempt, concern, mingled with undertones of detached analysis and unheeded advice, meanwhile, in real life this man's wife is wearing a ball bag and getting railed hard by younger men, explicit photos are circulating, shame, defiance, orgasms . . .

    Six days since i last had sex. Nine days since i looked at porn. I drove home with a handful of twisting, sensuous images and memories swirling mad paths through my brain like a cortical tornado. Then i read this.

    My pants don't fit. I think I need a cold shower.

    My wife will be here Saturday. I can do this. One day at a time.
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  18. Hang in there brother.
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    What is the point of this thread? Your wife is cheating on you, and not only that, but she knows that you know and it is mentally abusing you just for her enjoyment, and instead of doing something about it (Leaving her), you just jerk off. Do you have any trace of self-respect? You are not even angry about it. Did you made this thread just to feed you humilliation fetish? Well here is something for you to entertain yourself for a while: You are a pathetic, spineless man. I bet I could beat the crap out of you and you would thank me. I would tell you pull your pants up and be a real man, but it seems there is no use.

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