Will be thankful if you help me with this section of my Resume

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by JJTorres, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. JJTorres

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    I'm preparing my resume and need to know in what order/priority should i put these skills/expertise:
    (Which ones on top and which ones in the bottom)

    1. Teamworker.

    2. Work under pressure

    3. Experience preparing food and also bagging food, and maintenance.

    4. Multi-tasker

    5. Like to organize items.
    6. Quick to notice and fix problems.
    7. Willing to work beyond my main obligations.

    Thanks a lot guys and sorry for taking of your precious time.
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  2. Air0

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    Honestly that order seems fine!
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  3. JouleTrader

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    You can try downloading Grammarly. It'll correct your spelling and grammar.
    - Team worker
    - Able to work under pressure and stressful conditions.
    - Experienced in preparing and bagging food.
    - Able to do simple supermarket maintenance (just guessing?)
    - Meticulous and organised.
    - Willing to go the extra mile and take on duties that are out of my job scope.

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