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  1. Fighterella

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    We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. He doesn’t see one sin as worse than the other. You relapsing is no better or worse than me lying about eating the last cookie. God loves us no matter what we did wrong. God forgave Peter, who denied him three times. God loves you whether you deserve it or not because he is our amazing father!
  2. Lol,I am showing the part of iranian religion mythology not that I believe that real God revealed to him. XD
  3. I am not, I preffer to bb happy by myself.
    This is what christianity do. It says that you are a piece of shit and you need to believe in God so you piece of shit will be forgiven that you are a piece of shit.
  4. Gentle man

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    There is misconception here ..
    I am muslim and I believe in Jesus peace be upon him . We consider him one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind . In fact you can't be muslim without believing in Jesus peace be upon him. Jesus was born miraculously by the command of God . without father .
  5. Like, I talk about kids tv show and I say that monkey said something
    It doesnt mean I really mean monkeys talk
    I just talk about tv show
  6. Feelslikezoom23

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    Yes........ but you said humans do not have a need to procreate.

    That is untrue. Yes we do.

    Why do married couples want babies?? There are dozens of reasons why humans want to reproduce. Its all psychological, sociological, and biological. And its all supported with an abundance of evidence.

    Don't you have the need to be intimate and desire to be with a woman? I do....

    I am suffering from major depression because I have not been with a woman for 7yrs
  7. Feelslikezoom23

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    I guarantee you its my libido.

    I was already like this in the early 90's as a 10 year old boy before porn was even main stream on the internet.

    I was already masterbating to calendars of super models and phone sex.

    Remember..... without libido, there would be no porn, no sex, no NOTHING !
  8. Feelslikezoom23

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  9. Roady

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    The only thing I see you try to do is making God and His believers ridiculous.

    You must have a reason for that, no?
  10. Roady

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    Don't worry about me sir. No offense here.
    But I'm not talking about human religion here. On that part you might be right as there is much manipulation and indoctrination there.

    I'm talking about what God has revealed to me in the silence. Long before I saw a church for the first time. What God reveals to human in the silence of his own heart, nobody ever can take away.
    The God I found , I ve experienced as pure holy love, no judgement but merciful, friendly but righteous, patient and reliable. He awoke me out of my sleep, learned me all the truth about my addiction, freed me from a lot of demonic posessions, and leads me into an increasing freedom.

    I'm talking about the God of the holy bible who shown Himself in Jesus Christ.
  11. Tatendrang

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  12. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    If we can't agree on the difference between a need and a want (even if the want is very strong), then I would say you are still in denial and there is not much possibility for forward progress.

    If you read back your comment, you will see that even you switch between the word "want" and "need." Your comment would be more accurate if every instance of "need" was replaced with "want."

    You want to be with a woman, but you do not need to be with one. I know, because it has been seven years and you are still alive. If you went that long without food or drink or air, you would be dead. That is the difference between a need and a want.

    If you can live without sex, then you can learn to control the sexual impulse. Learning to do so are the steps we take along the road that leads out of PMO. If you're interested in starting the journey instead of just complaining about how the journey is not even possible, let me know!
  13. Yes, the reason is to make you guys be strong.
    Believing in fairy tales could be fine in dark ages.
  14. Christianity treats weak character traits as virtuous and positive character traits as evil.
    A religious, lazy, unemployed guy with 6 childrens, cowardly, not caring what he wears, not looking for improvement, jealous of other people succes will be viewed in Christian philosophy as better person than succesfull, wealthy, athletic, caring about his diet, hungry for knowledge, rich in soul one

    Dont be surprised of something "cool" here, whole religion originated from social lowlands.

    It makes strong people weak.
    Generally, whole christianity says that everyone is bad just because they live and doesnt deserve anything until they start believing the Jew with beard. Then they are saved.
    Its nonsense, I never really understand how people can believe in it.
    God created people in a way that they are bad from the beginning. And those who are bad needs to go to hell. So he goes down to Earth as some regular Jew and die. To save people from how he created them the first place. Why? How? Because they can believe in that Jew and thanks to that faith they arent bad now, and as good ones they can go to heaven. Hallelujah.
    Nonsense !

    And of course there goes with it that morality of low people. Getting rich, being noble, intelligent, happy is evil, you are devil !
    Similar to Lenin and communists.
  15. Feelslikezoom23

    Feelslikezoom23 Fapstronaut

    Look.....I understand your points. I have a high level of intelligence to comprehend what your saying.

    I understand if we don't breathe, we die. If we don't eat or drink, we die.

    But I am dying emotionally. Not being in love is killing me. I suffer from major depression. Ever since my wife left me I have not been happy.

    And depression is having physical impacts on my body and chronic illness.

    I need to cuddle with a woman in front of the TV, take her out to dinner, sleep in the same bed together, be best friends together. We cannot live alone. Humans are social creatures.

    Of course I am interested in your help. But do you understand a little more where I am coming from.

    I am emotionally dying and its not sustainable. People who have major depression end up suiciding if it becomes unbearable. So you can die just from depression.

    Loneliness is unbearable.. especially after years and years
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  16. Dont be needy, womens hate needy guys
    Humans are social creatures but putting girls on the pedestal wont do the right thing.

    How about getting yourself a professional help ?
    Depresion is nothing funny to deal with it.
  17. Feelslikezoom23

    Feelslikezoom23 Fapstronaut

    I know women hate needy guys and vice versa.

    I would never show a woman that I am desperate and needy. Its unattractive.

    I don't put woman on pedestals either, I just give them the respect they deserve.

    It about my own personal needs, not showing I'm needy.
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  18. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    OK, this is a helpful clarification. So it is not sex that you are after primarily, it is companionship. You are lonely and wish not to be alone. And I agree that we were not made to be alone.

    Two things:

    1) You are a person of faith. Do you believe that all of your needs are met in Christ? Do you believe that he is sufficient, in and of himself, without the need for anything else to be added? Or are you still learning the truth of this? perhaps still learning to trust him and take him at his word when he says such things?

    2) What does your relational world look like right now? I do not mean with women, but with friendships, family connections, etc. The need for companionship can be met in many ways, many of them non-sexual, and be very fulfilling. What steps are you proactively taking to be in community and not isolated?
  19. Feelslikezoom23

    Feelslikezoom23 Fapstronaut


    1) I'm not sure. I mean I believe in Christ and I trust in him. I'm not sure where in the bible it says about Christ being sufficient and we don't need anything else.

    2) My relational status is very poor. I live with my parents. I have no friends where I live. All my best friends live in another state. I Can't leave the house and socialize because of my chronic illness at the moment. I am going to hospital tomorrow to see a specialist doctor and even that is a worry for me if I can physically have the strength.... My mother is my carer
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  20. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    1) Might be something to look into. It's in there, I promise. :) But more important is whether you believe it. (John 6)

    2) Sounds like your health issues are paramount at the moment. Maybe you can focus on those while slowly building up a friend base here and in other online venues, in preparation for the day you can be more active socially.

    Question: If you cannot even leave the house, how do you suppose you will get into a romantic relationship with a woman? It seems that such a thing is well off in the future, and that many other steps must be taken first. Rather than focus on the ultimate goal which cannot be attained presently, you can focus on a shorter term goal that will serve that longer term goal? As we say in recovery, one day at a time, taking the next step on the pathway to peace.

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