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  1. There were so many "Gods" and so many prophets that I think humanity should
    If you throw away idea of life after death your current life become richer. Because you know there is no Heaven, so you focus on present moment very strongly.
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    Why do you keep on generalizing for things that only counts for you?

    You meant to say this:
    If you I throw away idea of life after death your my current life become richer. Because you I know believe there is no Heaven, so you I focus on present moment very strongly.

    And that's good for you! But please stop pushing your believe on others who probably has a lot of other experiences than you have.
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    I never used drugs.

    Please read more carefully.
    I said: ""the God that showed himself IN Jesus" (to me, to human)

    I agree with all of this.

    I don't feel the need to troll you.
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    It's a very good thing you recognize and express your feelings.
    Depression is horrible as I've been there for years in the past. But you can certainly overcome that if you are willing to become honest to yourself.
    I hope you will find somebody to talk about your emotions and issues. Feelings need to be confirmed while expressed.

    And I just hope that you see that porn is one of the strongest cause for depression as it sucks all your life-energy out of your soul.
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    God will forgive you by the blood of Jesus if God wants to. Now If God never gave you the Holy Spirit to justify you, most likley you would never even care about this subject or desire to please God. If God has chosen you, be convinced no one not even yourself can take you from him.

    Westminister Confession of Faith.
    Chapter X
    Of Effectual Calling
    I. All those whom God hath predestinated unto life, and those only, He is pleased, in
    His appointed time, effectually to call,215 by His Word and Spirit,216 out of that state of sin
    and death, in which they are by nature to grace and salvation, by Jesus Christ;217
    enlightening their minds spiritually and savingly to understand the things of God,218
    taking away their heart of stone, and giving unto them an heart of flesh;219 renewing their
    wills, and, by His almighty power, determining them to that which is good,220 and
    effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ:221 yet so, as they come most freely, being made
    willing by His grace.
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  6. I understand that, but I believe that if it works for me and other people, it is valuable kind of philosophy.
    I preffer to believe in wisdom, knowledge, in myself. Religion didnt have good impact on me. I believe that intellectual people should be free from those limiting old beliefs.
  7. Well, lets dont make us different and focus on our biggest challenge. It is overcoming addiction and becoming best verison of yourself.
  8. It doesnt need to mean that they are right :p
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    Exactly. That's what you believe.
    The OP starts a post where he tries to share his sorrows in his relationship between him and God.
    And the one and only thing I see you do is cutting off and try to convince him that God doesn't exist and people have to leave every religion.
    And that's very disrespectful to the OP imho. As it doesn't give hope, doesn't give insights, doesn't give knowledge about recovery and so on.
    You just jumped in here without any (yes: any) empathy to the topic starter himself.

    It's not of my business what you do or not, but I write this because I feel with the topic starter. Feelings can be hurt so easily ....

    Once you really want to give a contribution, try to make it less aggressive through starting your sentences with "I":
    I think, I believe, I have experienced.
    I think it will feel better a lot when you try this. At least it's much more respectful to the topic owner.

    That's a very good idea :)
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    I just wanted to let you know in advance that if I don't respond to your messages its because I'm un well or I'm in hospital. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me because I appreciate the time you've taken to look into my story.
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  11. Super Mike James

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    yes please go to the hospital if you feel sick
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  12. Tao Jones

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    I'm available to you any time. I pray you feel better soon!
  13. chicoclean

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    my first time on this forum, and i see it is not easy to quit porn. will i succeed?
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  14. Tao Jones

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    Success is 100% guaranteed if you are 100% committed to the process.
  15. allitnam

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    God always forgives us; that's not the thing we need to wonder about. Everytime I ask that question to myself I force me to think what would I feel if some friend came to me telling me his story about addiction to porn, and I immediatly know that I would support him no matter how many times he has fallen. If I can have such a good feeling, why wouldn't God feel the same (but bigger) towards me. If we know how to be mercyful, why God who is way much better, wouldn't feel good things toward his needy children. Don't doubt it.

    But, what are we doing to get out of this ? that's the question we need to ask. Why did we fail ? What can we do better next time ? What was our mistake ?... Our motivation shouldn't be guilty but desire to make it better. Forgive yourself, and continue, look forward, you derserve it ! I wish you the best my friend.
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  16. GetFreeStayFree

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    Repentance means you have godly sorrow of what you have done and then you turn away from that thing you did.

    God looks at your heart and then at Christ who sufferd and died on the cross to cleanse you of your sins and make you holy and righteous.
    God will see His Son inside you and say: 'this is my beloved Son in who I am well pleased!'

    Now you have repented, satan the tempter comes to attack you with lies in your mind. Like 'it feels good and pleasurable, just do it one more time and God will forgive you again.'
    And if you give in to it, satan wil take a stand between you and God and accuse you for what you have done. He will tell you 'you are worthless for not obeying God and you are filthy and that God will not forgive you because you are a hypocrite and a religieous pharasee.'

    These are lies because the moment you gave your life to Christ, He entred your heart and you became a child of God. He will not leave you just like that. No the Holy Spirit that He has given you will start to convince you to go back to Christ and to turn away from sin.

    If you keep on sinning your heart becomes dull and you start to get okay with it. Sin causes delusion.

    When that happens you distance yourself from the presence of the Holy Spirit and you start to believe your own lies.

    However if you truly repent you will get as close to God like you were in the beginning and He forgives and forgets all of your sin. So that you can enjoy fellowship with Him again and your life will start to fill with the fruit of the Spirit (love, peace, patience, joy, etc..) today, as long as it is today, we live under grace which means that it is still possible to repent, because God is so good.

    Don't believe your own lies.
    Don't believe the devils lies.
    Put your thrust in Christ and live a changed life.

    Maybe I don't have the life to back this up because I am struggeling too, but thruth and love must prevail!

    Let's escape this vicious circle of sinning by the help and power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us!

    God bless and warm greetings
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  17. It is respectful, I give him something that can make him stronger. I believe it
    I see a fellow rationalist there!

    Personally, religion made negative impact on my self esteem. I had constant feeling of being guilty. You dont go to church as other kids in your class? You are exceptional ! This praying thing? bullshit, it never happens what you ask.
    And the idea of confession. Idea that you go to the guy that may know you, and you tell him all your secrets. I had anxiety, days before this things. I couldnt understand that, If God is supposed to be everywhere why I cant just pray to him and confess in my soul? He hears my prayings but he doesnt hear my sins? I need to go to a guy and tell to him my sins so the God who is everwyhere will be like, "Ummm yeah, I forgive this dude"?

    And always had feeling of not telling everything, and again feeling of guilt. Because I lied to God !
    Hopefully at age 13 I started getting more knowledge and could free myself from that stuff.

    Year after year I gained more knowledge, I am glad I am free from that bullshit. And glad that my family is not obsessed with being religious. I am independent. I choose to believe in myself, I believe in wisdom and science.
    I am no longer hurting myself.

    Damn, generally I always were skeptical to this, I never understood how this can make someone happy at all, while it always made me feel bad. And nobody could reasonably explain me this religion. I saw not logical errors all the time I couldnt understand.

    Like, God is everywhere but you need to go to church to praise him.
    God is everywhere but he cant help if nazis are coming into your country.
    In the Bible Jesus told you cant be rich and go to heaven while all clergies are rich as fuck.
    There was so many saints and miracles in the past, but strangly in modern times (When everyone has a 4k and full hd cameras in their pockets) they no longer happen.
    Why its bad that I pursue succes in my life and I live pretty okay life without God but somewhat they tell me that I need God and he needs to be my 1st priority and I should be second. The fuck? I should put myself down?
    Yet nobody could reasonalby understand me, all I heard was that holy blah blah blah blah ...
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    I have always had the same feeling so many time.Other times I just say I won't pray but it ends up getting worse.You need to stop doing it yourself rather appreciate it is only God who can give you victory.He is sad because He can see your suffering and He wants to help but you are not letting Him in. You have to partner with God to overcome it all.Otherwise if you rely on your own strength you will not see any progress. It takes power of the Holy spirit.
  19. Roady

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    "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."
  20. Tao Jones

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    I don't mean to detract from the OP's thread, but I did want to quickly respond just to say that there is an enormous difference between man-made religion, which it sounds you had a healthy dose of, and the freedom from religion that Jesus has provided, which maybe you have not experienced. Religion is easily dismissed; Jesus cannot so easily be dispensed with.

    I wish you much intriguing grappling with Him! :)
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