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  1. Jesus told that you should reap your eye off if it leads you to lust.
    I think I wont be listening to his teachings
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  2. Jesus also dismiss wealth.
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    I went to the hospital today. They offered some kind of initial basic treatment for my health condition. It probably won't work because I've tried it in the past.

    But back to the issue of P
    I completely agree. I don't know how I can expect to be in a Romantic relationship if I am struggling to leave the house.

    This is a huge part of my depression. This is why I resort to PMO.

    I watch porn to obtain the visual intimacy in the same way I could when I used to have a partner. I had a soft spot for POV romantic porn. I was never into the hardcore stuff on the internet.

    I even look at beautiful girls on instagram as a means to fulfil my need to feel close to a woman. Does this make sense...?
  4. Of course it makes sense. That is the struggle! If P was not enticing, it would be something we could easily set aside.

    The problem is that it is all lies. It gives the feeling of close intimacy, yet the reality is that you are alone in a room with a screen. You are substituting real intimacy for a fake. As you do so, you hurt your ability to experience actual intimacy when it does present itself. Because real human connection is messy and complicated, and our cheap plastic version of it is so much cleaner and under our own control. We grow to prefer it to the real thing if we spend too long there. We pine away for a reality that is increasingly not at all real. We believe the lie of PMO and deceive ourselves.

    So, if real human connection is what you most desire, then the very worst thing you can do is to engage in the false intimacy of PMO. It will deaden your sense of and taste for the real thing. As we say in recovery, better the ugly truth than a beautiful lie.

    But when the lie is so very beautiful, this can be very hard indeed. Which is why we need help in doing so!

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