Will hangover arousal ever go away?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    This basically is my biggest cause of relapse on PMO. In fact for the last while it has been the only thing that has been causing me to relapse on PMO.

    For some reason when I have a hangover from alcohol the level of sexual arousal I experience is frightening. The worse the hangover the more sexually aroused I seem to be.

    But what I am wondering is will this go away when I have completely rebooted? Or has this hangover arousal actually got nothing to do with porn addiction?

    Also please don't say things like stop drinking and it will go away. I try to stop drinking. I have periods I stay off it weeks, and even months. But I always seem to return to it, and what worries me is will I always have this extreme sexual arousal when I am hungover?

    I'm not kidding Id love if there was something I could take when I am hungover that would stop causing me to be sexually aroused. But I don't think there is anything like that?
  2. Sorry to tell you that quitting alcohol is the only solution
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  3. Overforme

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    You said not to say it, but logically if this is your only trigger than youd want to replace drinking with something else. Drinking alcohol even in moderation doesnt help health. All myths about moderate drinking being ok, or unharmful have been debunked. Anyway you slice it, alcohol is a major toxin that affects the brain and body negatively.
  4. Nil1991

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    Damn, I thought that it was just with me.. And it is weird cause it seems that I took blue pills, the urges are really tough.
  5. Indurian

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    No, it won't go away. It makes you horny, plus you are also more likely to PMO because it partially alleviates the hangover suffering.
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  6. skibum71

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    I suffer, or suffered, with alcoholism and yes, the next day, or in my case the first day of not binge drinking for 2 or 3 days, I would PMO pretty hard...this is not backed up by any research, but what I thought was happening is that alcohol triggers dopamine release, more so in alcoholics. The next day your brain is depleted of dopamine and you feel like an absolute sack of shit. So, naturally your brain is crying out to get the dopamine flowing again, and we all know the best way to do that.
    Man I had some truly wretched days, lying in bed, dying with a hangover, get up, PMO to feel halfway normal again,once the buzz died down id feel ten times worse, crawl back into bed - rinse and repeat. Absolutely horrendous.
    So yes hangovers absolutely pull you into pmo which can often lead to binges. Not good.
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  7. TheLightOne

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    No, its same for me. Its because it does delirium which makes your nerves system fucked up, and making u horny as fuck. I can only avoid it by drinking moderately, but maybe there are some medicaments for hungovers dunno
  8. This has been my experience as well when I was an alcoholic
  9. DGZ

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    Alcoholism will fuck you up way harder than PMO ever will. Start with quitting alcohol, then PMO. Actually, PMO as much as you want while you're quitting alcohol. It's no joke bro, you need to stop that.
  10. rideronastorm

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    I'm afraid you suffer from two addictions: porn and alcohol. The fact that you are here tells me you have accepted the first and that you're trying to break free of it. The fact that you asked not to be told to quit drinking tells me that you are probably still in denial of the second, at least in part.

    I'm afraid that until you accept that you also suffer from alcoholism and are ready to seek help in order to quit it for good, just like you are doing with porn, nothing will change.

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