Will I cause my Bf to Relapes ?

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by thetrying.girlfriend, May 24, 2019.

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    I’m new to posting but I’ve been browsing this site for 2 months now since I caught my and sexting other girls..

    So my question is for the guys
    Will I cause my boyfriend to relapse by sending him sexy pictures and videos? Or even Sexting ? Since it me sending it I don’t know if he’s getting that satisfaction. As he would from P or sexting other chicks ..

    I feel dumb for even sending things like that now cause I don’t know if he even enjoys it. He says he does but idk wil
    That lead him to actually looking for something or someone who can satisfy that urge?

    Should I stop ? So that he can fully try to NoFap ? He’s been doing it for 2 weeks now but I just feel every guy has needs and we only see each other on weekends .. so that 5 days of nothing for him. So I try to send him things so he won’t look else where when he gets horny. He has a high sex drive I’m just trying to make sure he only wants me when he’s horny.
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    He should abstain from absolutely everything artificial. Nothing that comes from a screen should be arousing him. If he is addicted to porn, then anything stimulating will substitute his addiction. His problem won't be solved if porn is just replaced with different sources of stimulation. Only sexual contact between actual human beings is natural, and that is the only way anyone should be getting sexual relief. Masturbation without anything can be fine for some, but it isn't a viable option for an addict.

    The good thing is that your boyfriend has you. I think it is best to abstain from everything to be fully cured but doing things with a partner might help with rebooting.

    From yourbrainonporn.com:

    "KEY POINT: Having orgasms or trying to force erections may be counterproductive, but kissing, touching, and fooling around, can help rewire your brain to the real thing. Keep in mind, artificial stimuli through screens caused your addiction or ED, not human contact. You not only need to weaken your porn neural pathways, you need to strengthen you “real thing” pathways."

    That was from "Rebooting with a partner" here:


    Tell him about these things, and don't provide him with any artificial material. It doesn't really matter what the material is, it can be about you or some random girl, the effect is the same.
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    Totally agree. He has to go through the "pain" of being horny and having no outlet. That's the point! He saves his energy for you, and should have lots of it.

    I agree that the artificial is bad but any move to just satisfy the horniness without real connection is bad.

    There are occasionally guys here who are like "10days nofap! Went to a prostitute today, it was real life so that's OK!"

    Needless to say, not good! If he wants to rewire he has to wait for the real you.

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