Will I ever get back sensitivity in penis (glans)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by gogibasket, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. gogibasket

    gogibasket Fapstronaut

    I was edging for years squeezing the head of the pennis (glans) to hard...During the sex I couldn't feel almost anything... Is it possible to ever get back sensitivity in pennis head...?
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  2. LewisRemlarp

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    It certainly is. It takes a hell of alot of physical abuse to completely destroy nerve endings in the body. You've over stimulated yourself so go for the 90 day hard mode but just see how you feel after about 30 days. It's very important you don't masturbate at all during the first 30 days. Wet dreams are fine, it's a self regulation of the body and not a choice you make.

    It is highly likely that your brain just needs to reset its sensitization to the area.
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  3. gogibasket

    gogibasket Fapstronaut

    Thanks for reply... I'm on day 60... I'll need a lot of time cause I was doing it for the years while watching porn....
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  4. BullseyeChris

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    As someone also working on foreskin restoration, in addition to nofap, I have to ask--are you circumcised? If not, then just stick with nofap. If you are circumcised, then a big part of the problem is that your glans is exposed all of the time. So it's been rubbing against the fabric of your underwear all of these years, instead of a soft and moist foreskin, which is designed to protect it.

    What you can start doing is fimd a way to keep your shaft skin pulled up over the glans during the day. You can do this with medical tape, but it can be inconvenient when you have to pee. You can also use a black rubber O ring. Pull the skin up through it. But it may pop off during the day. The best way (often called a retainer in the restoring community) is by getting a baby bottle nipple. Not the regular kind--there are some that have a wide base to them. They look very different than the others. Get one, cut off the wide rim along the base, and cut off the nipple tip part. Then, grab your shaft skin and push the head inside, creating a foreskin over it. Then put the modified baby bottle nipple over it. It should be perfectly shaped to sit right over the head, like a cap. The rubber material safely grips the skin so it shouldn't pop off, and the hole at the end allows you to pee through it without removing it. I'd still recommend wearing boxer briefs or briefs with it jic it pops off during the day.

    However you do it, find a way to cover your head there more, and you will notice your sensitivity returning over time!

    Also be sure to moisturize it after you shower. (Just don't let it turn into MB, haha) Use something very natural, bec the skin is very sensitive there. If you wouldn't put it on your lips, don't put it on your glans. Something like vitamin e oil or coconut oil is great. And if you're using a retaining device, don't get the moisturizer on the shaft skin, or it will slip off! Just the head and pink skin below it (aka your inner foreskin, which circumcised guys still have).

    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions.
  5. gogibasket

    gogibasket Fapstronaut

    Thanks for reply.... Im not circumcised... I'll just do NoFap hard mode and wait for time to see what will happend... I don't touch it at all, only when peeing
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  6. MOB123

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    Should i also stop having sex as well as masturbation?

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