Will I have better luck talking to get girls and getting them interested in if I talk to them in per

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, Apr 20, 2020.

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    Will I have better luck talking to get girls and getting them interested in if I talk to them in person instead of facebook or a dating app? Tried talking to a few girls online on Facebook(Know them in real life) because of the quarantine, but wasn't going that well. Only getting a few messages then nothing. Also tried dating sites, but they don't even look at my messages. Would tiring to talk to girls in real life go better even if I'm a shy, awkward, introvert?
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  2. From my experience talk to them IN PERSON you can come off as cool and smooth online but if they dont like your looks in person it dont mean shit. Talking to them in person is such a time savor if they dont like you then you can move on FAST
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    Texting and all that other stuff isn't a real genuine connection. Speak to them in person and if they like you then they'll like your texting personality as well, it can't ever be vice versa. If you're a smoother texter and strange to be around and boring in person it's not gonna sail. Anyway, talking to them in person builds more of a relationship as opposed to words on a screen. Good luck
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    I'm in the same boat as you my friend. I am talking to some woman on dating sites but they rarely reply or don't bother to unless I catch them at a time they can actually talk for a while. If you meet someone again I suggest maybe asking them for a time they are free so you two can chat for a while. Simply just ask if they are busy possibly. If they don't respond in a matter of hours they may be working or dealing with life issues? If its been a day or two they may have met another guy perhaps. Unfortunately "ghosting" aka " leaving someone behind" is a thing now and people are afraid these days to say I'm not interested in you. I would honestly rather have someone say that to me instead of being ignored. It puts you more at ease I guess.

    Real life can be better but it can also be a disaster. For me I can get small talk going and open myself up a little bit. But at the same time they can show they're not interested or attentive to what you have to talk about. Especially if your in a group of friends or shes with a friend or something it will be hard to get to her. Over and all it is better in person because you know, you smell, you gain more of a attraction of who your talking to. You can also give them more easy signs that you like them or that they can give you. Preferably I would say meeting in real life is better but online can have its luck at times.
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    'Real life' is better. But it'll take a long time to be at ease with yourself, and to learn how to talk to girls and relax and be yourself. once quarantine is over, aim to speak to a new girl every time you go out - just being friendly, don't creep on them or be weird, and DEFINITELY don't use PUA moves etc. - observe how they react to you, what makes them nervous and what you might say to put them at ease. Be prepared for some rejection, even rudeness. The smoothest hottest guys in the world get rejected all the time, learn to see it as a good thing - you are building resilience. Don't whine. Move on.

    There is an art to dating websites, but I couldn't tell you much about that. A really good set of pics and a great written profile is a must. It's a time suck though, like all social media, and all those hours spent carefully crafting your profile or messaging girls who just want flattery and don't want to actually meet anyone you could be spending chatting up hot girls irl!
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    if she is interested in you, no matter if you speak in person or with smoke signals she will talk a LOT to you. If she is not interested, no matter what you do... yes is not going to send you any messages or keep the conversation going i you speak to her in person. Move on to the next one.
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    Absolutely. I think girls get some creepy vibes from men messaging them online. Even girls I have great chemistry with in real life sometimes shuts completely down online. You can only be messaging a girl back and forth for so long before she gets tired of it. Only good reason to chat with a girl online is 1: To arrange a date/ hangout or 2: If you know her really well and often see each other in real life.
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    Would you rather talk to a girl you like in person or online? Would you rather have a girl ask you out in person or online?
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  9. blookes

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    yeah you just have to do it casually.. Don't try to hard and practice on women you're not interested in first. it's easy, just have the mentality that you just want to be friends.
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    Yes! Alot of girls can identity shy a mile away. So this may work in your favor! If you try and talk yo multiple girls at least one will pick up that your shy and appreciate the fact that you had the balls to come up and talk to her. I've seen it before. All girls really want is you undivided attention and for you to WANT to spend time with them but also giving the room to breath inbetween. Once you master that skill my friend. You'll be invincible! Gud luk!

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