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    Update. It's now been about 7 weeks since the issues restarted, in that time some pied and also just alot of pe, I do know the restrictions placed on everything in the house and we are remote, so for the life of me can't figure out how it's happening but I'm becoming more and more convinced something is going on. Within that time we have become closer talking wise and decided to get engaged as a sign of his commitment to me. I came home from night shift yesterday to a different person, someone who looked like they couldn't get enough of me, like he's never been before it was amazing apart from the fact he'd been drinking until the wee hours and couldn't function properly (That's what I put it down to) he seemed into me like never before. Fast forward to this morning I finish work and he's different again, back to not as interested, I've also noted massage oil moved, had to have a shower straight after getting out of bed, not always the norm. And side note starting to talk more again about getting erectile medication which I'd previously banned until getting the basics right. We have a few drinks then retire to bed, I'm expecting action given the talk the previous day and there's nothing just sleep, so here I am convinced something must be happening. I'm trying to hold back and give things a chance for when he wakes up, but my emotions are taking over, so scared it's a relapse and will ruin all the engagement talk and how much lighter and happier I felt after him asking me. I have also noticed some of the small insignificant lying creeping back in that shouldn't even be an issue. I would really love a recoved/ recovering point of view.
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  2. This is a huge red flag to me. Who is he honest with, if not you? What is he afraid of sharing with you? If he's comfortable hiding small character flaws from you, there's nothing to stop him from hiding bigger ones.

    I'm sorry you're continuing to go through this. Uncertainty makes it all the worse.
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