Will NoFap help me get rid of my cuckold fantasy?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by DominantxMale, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. DominantxMale

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    Thinking about being a cuckold makes me turned on , but I'm really not comfortable about it and I feel so much guilt, I really want to get rid of this fantasy, will NoFap help me?
  2. wheelgauge

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    Yes, it will. But you need to occupy yourself with other things. It won't work if you spend your whole day fantasizing about this. Don't give up, and try to fill your mind with other things, such as a hobby. Good luck by the way!
  3. backtolife42

    backtolife42 Fapstronaut

    If you also work on yourself and built some confidence while on nofap it will most likely go away or at least become weaker.
  4. The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger Fapstronaut

    Didn’t work for me, on the contrary it’s been getting more intense. Not saying you shouldn’t give it a go though. I might just been taking this on the wrong way. Best of wishes!
  5. From what I'm experiencing, it does help getting rid of unwanted sexual desires and behaviours BUT one has to work at understanding where they came from. There's a lot of really intense self-analysis required and it sucks, but yeah, it'll happen in time.
  6. Staying away from porn will help with these things but it does take time. As you work on recovery it will be very difficult at times but it does improve. Stick with your plan and don't give up.
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  7. Pexton

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    For me reboot is also a best available salvation. Finally, I started a real reboot and i try to cannot be provoked by thoughts of sex , female body etc. In a few hours, it will be 3 days since my last porn fapping. HOCD did not give me peace anymore, constantly forced me to thinking about gay thoughts analyze and imagine, test and masturbate to them (but this compulsion is not a sexual fantasy).This abomination tells me that I can not run away from it because it's too late and that if I do it, I hide something in front of myself. Later I always have remorse for what I was doing at all and then I'm afraid that something has changed in me, which always scares me. Of all this, I could not even look at the faces of the guys because I felt fear and there were fake attractions characteristic of HOCD. I hope that reboot, drugs and then sport and therapy will help me. After all, I never fantasized about guys before strong attack of HOCD , i did not have erotic dreams with them or I did not like them certainly in real life and now this obsession does not give me peace and tells me that I'm not who I was before. The compulsions of "washing the mind" after intrusive thoughts also took the morbid dimensions and i became her prisoner. But at the moment, it's a bit better in this subject and i have a less number of this compulsion.I hope that soon it will be better and that the worst is behind me.

    What will you say about my situation?

    Greetings to all.
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  8. TimeToQuitNow

    TimeToQuitNow Fapstronaut

    The only way to find out is to do NoFap for a while. You got nothing to lose!
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  9. GripStrength

    GripStrength Fapstronaut

    Ya it will, especially if/when you go to relapse you make sure to do it to what you want to like again. I had some weird things similar to cuckold and it went away almost instantly NoFap/only fapping to certain things (pictures of women by themselves) if I did fap. I actually just relapsed for the weird stuff. But I had to literally force it. I did it to see if I would get turned on and I didn’t. So kept watching and watching for the last week until it started to turn me on again after a few days. Dumb move obviously.
    Self-sabotage. But proves that I wasn’t actually into it and was trained by porn, since it did nothing to/for me at the start of the week. At all.
  10. Reborn16

    Reborn16 Fapstronaut

    Yes I used to have this strange fantasy. Now I can't imagine getting with a couple.

    Getting some success in real life builds your confidence. Get a haircut and a new outfit, win. Work out and eat healthy. More winning. Talk to some girls, etc, etc.

    Slowly invest in yourself and your mindset will start to change.

    Fantasies should be a thing of the past. It's not easy. But whenever a sexual thought comes to mind, focus on something else within 5 seconds.

    And yes @GripStrength has a point if we do relapse, I agree it's best to stick to the most vanilla stuff while in that moment. Then get back on the horse.

    Imagine the man you want to be. Take action today to become that man.
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  11. majorfiddle23

    majorfiddle23 Fapstronaut

    NoFap will definitely help you. you also won't be turned on by every random thing that'll pop up on your screen as you'll find it rather disturbing
  12. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    This book sounds really corny but try "10 Days to Self Esteem" by David Burns, it's a little dated, and a LOT of writing work but it will help stop a lot of negative thought patterns.
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  13. Sharksvv

    Sharksvv Fapstronaut

    Let me hit you with some real talk, I was once deep into a femdom fetish and yes it involved cuckolding.

    The reality is such fetishes don’t entirely go away, they just fade and have less control over your sexual desires. At one point I was conditioned to just that, femdom and cuckolding is all that got my dick hard at one point and I know this because when I saw one of the countless escorts over my years I was unable to get hard to the sight of a normal naked woman, but if she cuckolded me I’d be hard as a rock.

    When I did nofap and rebooted and didn’t touch my dick for neary 2 years I reset my brain, I reset my sexual desires to factory settings so to speak. Now I 100% always get hard to just my girlfriend and just cuddling with her. Heck I often get hard just holding her hand now.

    BUT, I have had isolated incidences of relapse and let me tell you even after 2 years if I watch cuckolding femdom videos my dick will slowly begin to get hard to it, it doesn’t goes away. Like I said it just fades and you have the power to say no to it.

    I’m like an alcoholic, I can’t even have one drop of it. It’s the same with cuckolding femdom related porn because you will just slide back down into that pit of misery and despair. What you need to do is stop watching cuckolding ASAP, because as the years go by it’s only going to become more and more ingrained into your sexuality and you don’t want that.

    So stay strong, message me if you need any help/advise.
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