Will NoFap help me with getting a relationship

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Crooqz, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Crooqz

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    I'm 16 years old and I have been masturbating since I was 11. Doing it every day.
    I never had a problem with making friends, and with speaking to them.
    I always was social and could make new friends easily.

    But when I like a girl (liking in wanting to have a relationship), and if she talks to me I'm getting really nervous and don't know what to say.

    Will NoFap help me with not being nervous anymore when talking to girls?

  2. CodeTalker

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    I’d like to think that most people are nervous in front of girls when they are young.
    It could help you gain some more confidence. But you still need to push yourself in those nervous situations. Nofap isn’t a magic pill.
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  3. ZiguShar

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    being nervous at your age is normal. perfectly normal. i was a nervous wreck. just masturbate once a week if you try hard for it and push yourself to have a smuch interaction as possible with girls and their friends. the more friends you have - girl friends i mean - the more possibilities for matching with ones who like you too. and once you touch them, kiss them etc you will gain confidence experience and change and the fear you dissipate.
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  4. Yeah, seeking discomfort is the only way to get there and to achieve! The more often you get out of your comfort zone the easier it will get brother! :)
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  5. p1n1983

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    Not directly. You are nervous talking to them because you have lowself steem. You lack confidence, you feel that you are below them, you feel that you don't deserve them. You instantly put them in a pedestal and feel the need to prove your worth to them.

    NoFap is going to give you that extra energy and motivation to do things. If you use that energy to work on yourself to the point you became proud of you, proud of the life you are having and you feel that you are an owsome catch for woman, your approach with them next time is going to be totally different. You are going to be a lot more confident and in control of your emotions and can talk to them as equals.

    Nofap is going to help you but to be confident talking to woman is going to take you a lot of work from your part but the reward is going to be hugh. That's when you are going to discover that girls also have a lot of fears, they get really nervous while talking with the man they like. You are going to find out that there are a lot of hot woman that have a lot af problems and issues that you are better away from them.

    Good luck in your journey!
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  6. JoanHodges

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    Remember for all your life. You can make a relationship only yourself
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  7. Hey! Pikmin 2

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    Don't let nofap turn into a crutch for that. Having a streak can absolutely boost your confidence among other things, but thinking it'll simply just make it better will prohibit your motivation to simply address the problems directly. I've faced it myself where i dictate my chances that day on how long my streak was and disregarding it because i was "not worthy". I lost out a lot of chances to further my chance to be in a relationship for those things that were simply in my head. You need to address the problems that likely also lead to you being in this situation with nofap. Good Luck!
  8. takingthejourney

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    Yes NoFap will help!!! will you that extra energy drive. It will make you very confident also especially after a few weeks if your on NoFap at 16 thats great keep it up just dont stop and talk to as much girls as possible. Don't worry about being rejected and remember she is lucky to be talking to you because your the shit!!!
  9. Lol bro nofap won't help with that. You are 16 yo so obviously you have no experience in life and when talking to opposite sex you get nervous. But you'll grow up and your world view will change and you won't be afraid anymore.
    Lol don't tell me you joined NoFap specifically because some idiot told you that it will help you with THAT.
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  10. Garek

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    At sixteen I was all engine. No steering and no brakes. Smoking lots of pot and looking at lots of porn didn't make things any better, in fact they made the situation quite a lot worse. I'm thirty seven now, here's what I know:

    Women are attracted to men that are socially successful. Men that are adept at navigating the world of people don't have much difficulty finding mates. Later on in life socially successful and financially successful will grow together, but for now socially successful means getting adept at dealing with your peers. Learn how to stand up for yourself, chose the right friends, and develop your identity. Learn how to identify what you want and sacrifice the time and energy necessary to get it.

    Don't be afraid to talk to women (girls), life is too short for that. Instead, just say whatever you are thinking and let them make up their own minds about you. The truth is, most women don't know what they think and feel, but if they like you they will keep giving you the chance to figure it out. As long as you tell the truth and aren't abusive you really can't do anything wrong. Get your own life on track and be straight about what you think and what you want. Be straight with yourself and straight with others. Don't be afraid to say what's one your mind and don't be afraid to move on when things aren't working. The women (girls) in your life will let you know when they are interested. But get your own life on track, that's what matters most.
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  11. Whatever socially successful means?
    Besides: everyone, males and females alike, are interested in people that seem to be "socially successful" whatever that means. (If you could explain that I would be grateful) I imagine you mean people that are outspoken but is that what you meant?

    Besides... Well I don't know if I should agree with you. Your advice is just too general to agree or disagree with. Do you have any real life examples?
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  12. Although NoFap itself is not a direct solution to this problem, it certainly helps. I am no expert, but from what I've read about neurology and brain chemistry I know that your body does an interesting "effort" when you are talking to a potential (and attractive) partner. It's too long to describe it all in a simple reply, but on short all sort of chemicals get released (testosterone, dopamine, cholesterol etc.) in order to make you more aware, energetic and confident. This is why people say "you have good chemistry" when a relationship goes well.

    Now keep in mind that the lack of experience will make you somewhat nervous nonetheless, however I've never experienced what I've described above before NoFap. Stress and Anxiety would overwhelm me when talking to a pretty girl, but after 90+ days I suddenly got more comfortable despite the lack of experience. I would feel some sort of "heat" when talking that encouraged me to go further and have courage. I've had a lot more success.

    Hope this little information helps, carry on brother.
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