Will "soft mode" kill all the sexual issues and P/M addiction?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RamboErecto, May 18, 2019.

  1. RamboErecto

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    Hello, im an addict.

    Im a 30 y/o heavy user since im 12 years old. My father was a programmer so i grow up in an ambient with lot of computers. Ended up finding his Hentai and Soft P CD-ROMs, and thats the start of the addiction. I think that is all you need to know for context.


    Im trying to practice NoFap severals months ago. Always on hard mode.

    After a lot of failures, finally i decided to give up hard mode, since it looks like too overwhelming to me. I tried it lots of times, it gives me amazing results, i tought i will never be able to go for more than a few days clean, and sometimes i managed to archieve more than a week! thats awesome to me!

    But is too much, in one way or other i ended relapsing, and i know that hard mode is just too much for me.

    I decided to start soft mode. 90 days clean of P, but if i get too much horny, i will do a M sesion, but i will not do it trought P. Also all dating apps will be not alowed during my recovery.

    Im a PIED user... lets say. Also i have several troubles on getting partners. Im been with lot of girls, but i never had a satisfactory sex sesion.

    Do 90 days without porn, but masturbating without abuse will help me? what do you think?

    Feel free to ask me anything that helps to understand my case better.

    Thank you for the space.
  2. GaryMayor

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    It always help, but much less than full no-PMO reboot. Here is why:
    • You've experienced PIED, so your penis and brain is used to get stimulation from your hand only. This is totally different than stimulation during intercourse. You need to stop masturbation if you want to cure PIED and improve your performance in real-life situations.
    • Masturbation usually requires some kind of fantasy. It can be about people from real life (what I consider toxic to social relations, but never mind), but it usually is connected to porn. Fantasy contains pornographic elements, especially for people with fetishes, so in fact it is re-watching porn in your imagination. This keeps you bounded to porn. For long-term porn user, thinking about sex is connected with pornography and neural circles in brain are strengthen.
    So I recommend you doing hard mode and learning how to control your urges - it's useful skill too!
  3. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your honesty. I guess i need to work on some techniques to control my urges.

    I were working on it all of this months, without sucess

    I feel fear to live my entire life with this problem
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  4. GaryMayor

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    Ok! Good luck, man! Let us know what is going on from time to time :)
  5. overclocked

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    Sounds tough. I'd say that you will see improvements with any mode, but if your PIED is really bad, I think you need to do monk mode at some point for some time to see any progress, just my personal experience.
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  6. AlexWillDoIt

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    Dude, I thought about that all too, even tried soft mode, BUT, it didn’t help almost nothing my PIED problem, while already one week of hard mode gives me good results, even though a genuine sex with my partner seems to have me think “well, I did it, relapsing now won’t do any harm”.
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