Will soon be the 40 year old virgin

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Denbert, May 21, 2018.

  1. Denbert

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    Some of you on this forum are younger than myself. I am 38 and I am still a virgin. I have kissed and hugged a girl, and that is it. I don't want to discourage younger people here. Don't think you will be like me. I always had the thoughts "what is the point". My problem is I have had possible opportunities, but did not pursue them because I felt I was not worth it. Life is always changing. Good days and bad days. Sometimes good month and bad months. I am just saying don't give up. If you give up, you will never know what could happen. And yes, I am very embarrassed to admit this. As I get older, I start to care less what people think and try to focus on improving myself. I need to open up more. That is what I am doing here.
  2. John Lee Smith

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    Being virgin is nothing shameful.
    Something awesome and special.
    Never risk of getting stds.
    You are clean dude.
    Best of luck.
    Loneliness is very powerful too.
  3. u376

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    good to see someone think like this......
  4. u376

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    dont confuse virginity with loneliness.............you should socialize more.....virginity is fine ........but no friends is .........not
  5. jukebbox

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    Just hit the ant 's anntena. But if your virginity bothers you that much just focus on socializing more other way you will be obssessed about sex.
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  6. u376

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    It doesn't bothers me......but I feel hurt when other questions me......
    Yes ..... after a long time ....I am feeling good about myself.....and it will be good to socialize
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  7. Sardonic

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    I go through ups and downs of worrying about being a virgin and not caring. I have never even gotten close to "getting laid", nowhere near. Some days it bothers me, like when I see attractive girls, and others I forget I am even a virgin as it is not a big deal... but either way I know that I have a long way to go before I am comfortable having sex, and I would rather wait and be comfortable than rush into anything.
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  8. Icandoit01

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    Man u are lucky.
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  9. Denbert

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    Thanks everyone for the responses. The problem is life is short. Even if I had one experience, I could cross it off my bucket list.
  10. Potato93

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    Virginity worries girls just as much as guys.
    I just stopped giving a fck about it for some reason.
    Like, technically if people ask about your virginity status they really arent people to hang around with; you know?
    If its about experience, then think about all the times you saw porn, you definitely have just as much sex knowledge than them...
    I never had sex, but I know that when I do, (if it ends up being a good or a bad experience) I wont get obssessed about it, and thats the important thing to have IN your MINDSET.
    Regardless of you being with a girl or not. The grass is always greener on the other side.
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