Will the urges never end?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ismail_illa007, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Will the urges never end? Do i have to stop watching movies forever in order to avoid urges cause almost all movies contain "sex" scenes which leads to urges but i can't stop watching movies forever so does that mean that urges will never end and i'm gonna have to fight them all my life (i decided to quit forever) in order to not relapse?
    Is it possible to watch movies and series or seeing a pic of a hot girl randomly on ig without getting the urge to masturbate?
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  2. Chefb87

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    I'm not sure if the urges to masterbate goes down when you watch that stuff . But I can promise you the urge to watch movies like that and look at pictures like that do go down.
    Does that mean you may have to be more careful on what kind of movies you watch? Maybe .. but is that not a small sacrifice to pay to be able to recover from our addictions.
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  3. Overcome Fear

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    You have to remember our modern day environment is not something humans evolved to deal with. Seeing half-naked women everywhere on social media and on the movies and in television is far more than a hunter-gatherer man would ever expect to see in his lifetime. Our brains were not made to handle this much stimulus, so this why these modern experiences are labeled supernormal stimuli. It's like eating fast food all the time; when someone does that, regular food starts to taste like cardboard. To remain sensitive enough to enjoy normal everyday experiences, i.e. sex, exercise, eating vegetables, etc..., it's best to avoid supernormal stimuli.
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  4. Humans in prehistoric times were naked a lot lol @Overcome Fear wtf are you on about. Sure it depended on the environment but still.
    I don't know if urges will never end. Sex is a human need and you just have to accept that it exists.
  5. Overcome Fear

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    As long as you think sex is a human need and you're not getting any, you will continue to have strong urges because you will feel sorry for yourself or you will become jealous of others who are having sex. Sex is not a need, but love is. The fact that many people live their entire lives in celibacy shows it. One can debate whether or not such a life is worth living, but it's certainly possible to live that way. Handicapped people probably don't have a chance to have sex at all yet they have to live their lives in that condition. Stop making excuses.
  6. A what?
    Sex is a human need whether you like it or not.
    Sure. It is not one of these needs that without which you die.
    But it still is a need.
  7. As men, we are hardwired to have sex so to spread our seed into the females.

    so, yeah the urges never end. It can be annoying at times I agree but I’m a male so I have come to peace with the fact that I will have lifetime urges.

    porn just makes it extreme. The key is to normalize your urges that a healthy man should have by finding a girlfriend, etc. that will channel your urges into a healthy outlet.
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  8. To answer, yes, it is possible. For now, you should seriously consider it a goal to do your best to avoid those images, and if you cannot, you need to think about what it is you are actually feeling.
    My sister had terrible, horrible fears about being out in public. She worked on dealing with them and while she was not fully cured, she is a remarkably different person now.
    I was once in a car accident and I was haunted by it. Every day, when I walked to my car I could hear in my mind the sound of a car crash. I rarely have that experience now, because I worked on dealing with this unwanted feeling. My point is that with some work we can deal with feelings (or urges) that take us to negative places.
    I believe the more you commit yourself to nofap, these urges will eventually subside. Good luck. You just have to work at it.
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  9. Private Eye

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    They say the urges end about an hour or so after the cold body is in the grave. Rest in peace!
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  10. Kashif_khan_mohammadzai

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    I am
    I am on day 602 of nofap and for these days i havent logged into my fb and insta account and i havent downloaded a single movie and i dont keep scrolling in youtube . I watch movies sometimes on HBO because here in pakistan they cut all sex scenes from TV . So yes as long as you are healthy you are going to have wild sex urges because that is what i feel ,even by seeing a woman all covered and in modest clothes i get extremely wild sexual vibrations flowing through my whole body . So yeah you have to eliminate all the sexual triggers
    Mental (no dirty thinking)
    Visual (no watching dirty)
    Oral (no dirty talk)
    Physical (no touching down there)
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  11. Timecop

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    Last saturday, after 2 weeks of no PMO, I got easily triggered by one thread here on nofap, speaking about a certain female pornstar that said she was mistreated by the porn industry.

    Just reading here name gave me huge urges.

    That same day, I made the mistake of trying to watch fast and furious 2. Some chick in the movie made me horny.

    No kidding, just looking for videos recommendation on youtube, and seeing a totally normal women on the thumbnails, can make me excited.
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  12. SoaringEagle

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    IMO they will never end.

    BTW, most older movies do not contain the obscenities we now see, the way things are going; mainstream movies are going to be just porn with a story, maybe you can develop a taste for classics or other hobbies. We live in a messed up world!

    Now here is the thing: If you quit porn for long enough you will not be as easily triggered to relapse into PMO because it will not be the thing that is on your mind even when you are away from any triggers, but at the same time you will be a lot hornier! I mean like really really horny. A chick in the gym with yoga pants and sexy outfit could throw you completely off your senses. And for those citing the early cultures where everyone was naked, No, it is not the same! We are conditioned differently from early childhood, they were conditioned that it was normal and everyone got married and sexuality was not as over hyped as it is now in our society. We are now conditioned that we see people with clothes on, nudity will always be a turn on unless we start walking around naked from birth like them. And in addition, our porn addicted brains have been hardwired to take quos for sex scenes and sex scenes in movies will always remind us of porn.

    To be honest, I would try to avoid any movies or anything with triggers, if you watch a movie and it has clips, know that it can make you relapse! Either watch older stuff or quickly scroll at the slightest hint of a sex scene or nudity even if you had to cover your eyes! and No! Do not think you can just watch naked women or sex scenes and it will not affect you. small triggers can lead to bigger triggers. Such as "let me just pause to see that naked lady again" To "let me google some more pictures of her" and one thing to the next and you will find yourself to PMO again, the subconscious plays some real tricks to get you do what it wants, I lost many good streaks because of this, although I also must add that your stress levels play a big part in winning those mini fights everyday.
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