will you attain peace???

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  1. tbh the past has been clouding a lot of mind recently I just want to be present and peaceful. will nofap help? does it really give you peace of mind?
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  2. I sympathize with this. It is what brought me to this community years ago.
    I can’t say NoFap will bring you peace, in might in fact bring you a lot of suffering and frustration. I do know that Nofap has brought me closer to truth. NoFap is a conscious life style choice, a discipline, to me. It is rooted in a want to deeper understand oneself and the things that have a old over oneself. Because of that it has the potential to move a person in a different direction in their life. That’s not a peaceful process most of the time. Eventually through it acceptance has been learned, on my part. In the acceptance of truth, I have found my own peace in it. This isn’t the case for everyone, many people do not want truth or understanding they just want to feel good and have “benefits”. Those people don’t tend to last very long here and naturally drift away. Seeing PMO as a symptom of dis-ease, and not the cause is the beginning. That can take you down the path of truth and maybe peace will be found there.
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    Start by defining what does peace of mind means to you, what does that look like in your day to day life. I think as you become clearer on what you want, it'll become easier to understand what needs to be done to get there. Was it just porn that took away your peace and being able to remain present in the first place, or did porn lead to other things that did that as well? Was there ever peace of mind in the first place? These are things to consider in terms of how much nofap will help. But I think either way, if porn is affecting you, dropping porn will be beneficial for your peace of mind in some way, even if it takes more time to truly get that peace.
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    Yes ! definitely you will get peace . Dont get confused by these complicated answers just go on the path and you will discover everything by yourself.
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    In a way this is like asking an alcoholic, will getting off of alcohol bring a recovered alcoholic peace? Well, addiction does come with its own set of problems, but the addiction itself was not necessarily responsible for everything else that was or went wrong in one's life. Addiction may have been a wayward defense and coping mechanism to avoid the pain of what was causing unrest in one's life. Hence, while the immediate problems of addiction may go away (albeit, painful withdrawals will occur first), then bringing a kind of peace thereafter, anything that the addiction was masking or anesthetizing will still be there after the addiction is gone. That wound, that stuff, still needs to be dealt with in more holistic ways, as should have happened from the beginning before the addiction recklessly intervened. If there was no real stuff under the surface of the addiction to begin with, then there may not be as much work to do once addictive behavior is absent. Basically, getting rid of addiction won't solve all your other problems in life, as addiction itself was not the cause of every problem in your life, despite the fact that some here may tend to exaggerate that that's the case.
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