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  1. I have been having a same approach, a same mindset since I started this recovery journey. Until I read a book, the book changed my mindset, changed my way of thinking about the recovery, hence, it makes me feel better, and not being an obsessive state of trying to quit PMO.

    What recovery should be, is to help people focus on their life and move on, forget about their addiction, to believe that their addiction has already become a past. Eventually, people can focus on their life one hundred percent.

    No ever before I have felt this light, happy, relaxing, comfortable on this period of recovery.

    This mindset is apparently against this NoFap site, but I believe into this way of recovery.

    The Mindset: (just a brief description)
    1. Why "No"Fap? Hey, I shouldn't have this mindset to QUIT something, because:

    PMO contributes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me
    , I think whenever I use the word:" Quit/No" to label something I don't want to do, it makes me have this sense of sacrifice/deprivation, trick me into a belief:" I'm quitting something valuable"

    But in fact, PMO does nothing for me.

    I should't have the sense of deprivation/sacrifice

    2. Being free from PMO is actually very easy. I have been doing wrong for a long time:

    - Counting days is in fact counter-productive, is this shit (PMO) valuable? - I asked myself. NO, so why should I count days of being free from it?

    I agree that many people think that they will be motivated by looking at their long streak. But it won't work, because in my opinion, I think:
    + Everyday should be treated equally, because it isn't matter on which day I will do the hard work, it's NOW. Pushing to my limits every single day.

    You'll trick your mind into thinking that:" Baby, you'll be free from this slavery after n day, you'll get this amazing benefit after n day,..."

    Many people said that NoFap won't bring you anything, it isn't a magic pill. You must work hard on yourself and focus on your life, but they don't tell you to remove that day counter. It's contradiction. (But there's still a wonderful post from Underdog - The owner of YourBrainRebalanced: My Thoughts On Rebooting, search it on Google and remove the part he implied:" Being free from this is so freaking hard"

    3. There's more ideas I want to share but you can acknowledge more by reading the book by searching on Google:" Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking NOFAP" (After some of this site's result, medium's result, reddit's result, you will probably see a website:EZPZmethod.org)

    Or just access directly through Youtube:

    4. This willpower method is still helpful, but it's hard, really really hard. Hopefully people can really be free from this addiction.
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    I just read Allen Carr’s book adapted to P users and it makes so much sense to me.
    Thank you for the post and I am right with you.

    It feels so great to be a non-user!
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