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    I had an episode yesterday. I woke up in a super bad mood and was thinking about all kinds of BS in my life and I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Driving to work I was in tears thinking about all this stuff and it was stressing me out. At work I was thinking about it and since I work in a warehouse as a selector I was having a bad day with the batches I had. Every case was just weird and annoying which caused more anger. When I took my lunch I was calming down but a co worker said something to me which just annoyed the [email protected]$& outta of me and I just walked out back on the floor so pissed off. I was just taking my anger out on the cases and just picking as fast as I could and then when I made a full speed turn into another isle I tipped my pallet of oil. Nothing spilled or got damaged but I just raged and yelled the F word as loud as I could and right when I turned around the co worker that pissed me off was behind me coming over to apologize and just exploded and released all my anger and frustration out.

    I have have talked with him and my leads about I have been dealing with stress and I apologized to everyone for my behavior. I hate getting that upset. I usually am a pretty easy going guy. I joke around with my co workers all the time and we all have good laughs but yesterday it was hell.

    Now it's just another thing to think about while I am at work.

    That rage I had took all that stress outta me for the day. I felt sick to my stomach for a couple hours and then was just exhausted for the rest of the night.

    is this a side effect of NoFap? I haven't looked at porn in a couple weeks. I have so far in the last 4 days fought off each urge that builds up and haven't given in.


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