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    So I’m on day 39 hard mode and since about the first week I’ve been having horrible withdrawals. These include but are not limited to:
    • Extreme anxiety
    • Intense panic
    • Depression
    • Lethargy
    • Aching muscles
    • Lower back pain
    • Dull headaches
    • Brain fog
    • Random eyelid twitches
    • Zero motivation
    • Loneliness but fear to socialize
    • Lump/raw feeling in the throat
    • A general cold feeling in my forearms
    • Slight dizziness
    • Hypochondria
    • Consistent stomach discomfort,bloating, and gas which results in alternating constipation and diarrhea (since about week 3)
    I’m mainly curious about the stomach pains and how many others here have experienced this, or if it’s something I should be concerned about. It only really flares up after I eat, specifically breakfast (not too much at dinner). I have had something similar to irritable bowel syndrome in the past and considering I’ve been dealing with such intense stress and anxiety I would assume this is what’s behind it. I’ve also been eating a lot of yogurt with active cultures in it which seems to help somewhat.

    Either way, I don’t think withdrawals are discussed enough. Anyone else going through negative symptoms during their reboot, no matter how significant or insignificant, please don’t hesitate to sound off down below.
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  2. I honestly can't comment on your stomach issues. I have never heard of anything associated with the stomach when it comes to PMO withdrawal. It's probably something you're eating, especially for breakfast.

    What really strikes me as interesting with you though is that the rest of your withdrawal symptoms sound like symptoms of someone who is active in their addiction (PMO). This is certainly common for the first couple weeks but surely some social anxiety has to have died off at your point.

    Which leads me to a couple questions; are you being proactive in your recovery i.e. socializing more, finding healthy hibbies, exercising, etc. Or have you just quit PMO and stay in your room all day? It has to be a full scale attack or you may not be successful.

    It's not just quitting one activity, it's rewiring your brain and changing your lifestyle. My last question is are you seeking out mental health services? If you have anxiety or depression that is hindering your life, you should seek mental health professionals.
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    I understand what you’re saying but frankly I have heard of many other people having similar symptoms of anxiety and depression which is a result of withdrawals from PMO. Not everyone’s reboot begins becoming positive within the first 30 days or even the first 90. I’ve had a very bad addiction for nearly 15 years. I am doing all I can to be proactive in my recovery. Zero temptations, exercising more, eating healthier, etc. I came across a couple other people with stomach issues as well caused from the anxiety withdrawals (that’s what IBS does). Although not that many seem to experience it. I was mainly addressing any of those that HAVE experienced it to help me to determine how long it tends to last for and what I can do to ease some of the symptoms of it. I’m pretty confident it’s not something I’m eating because I’ve had the same food for breakfast every day for years and not had any issues until I began this particular reboot. As far as my mental health is concerned, I’ve had depression for years but both that and the anxiety got much worse once the withdrawals began. I was mainly just curious as to what kinds of other withdrawals people on here are facing. Keep in mind that just because you aren’t going through these exact symptoms does not necessarily mean they are unrelated to PMO. Everyone’s reboot is going to be different depending on the severity of their addiction and how long they’ve been fapping.
  4. That's fair. I understand that symptoms vary from person to person but I guess that your extreme anxiety and depression struck me as alarming. I have been addicted to PMO for 18 years myself, and have also struggled with severe anxiety and depression. In my personal experience, anxiety and depression start reducing (NOT GONE COMPLETELY) within a couple weeks. Some times when I tried quitting, they got much worse before they got better. Sorry for misunderstanding your post. Good luck, and I hope things get better for you.
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    No problem, I probably should have clarified better. I’ve read accounts of people flatlining for months during their reboot and some have even reported going up to 8 months of feeling awful. These are probably rare cases but I very much hope mine won’t last that long. So far this is the longest streak I’ve ever been on so I really don’t know what to expect. Each day is a new record for me...
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    I shared my recovery in my one and only topic. I would like your response one that.
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    If it helps, this thing gave me - or contributed to my - panic disorder so intense I've had a hard time coping with basically anything. I've felt a very positive shift in my cognition and perception from going a long time without all PMO. So there really is hope. Nevertheless, it's taken me years to finally realize there's no such thing as moderation when it comes to recovery from PMO withdrawal.

    I too think more can be said about withdrawal since, from what I've personally experienced, it's one of the worst things you can go through in life. The symptoms that can and often do emerge from this can be so intense that you wouldn't wish them upon your worst enemy. It's basically a loss of mental control that is hard to put into words and can only be experienced to know what it's like. Whatever others may think, based on what I've gone through, I will not shy away from comparing this to hard drug withdrawal (although I've never used substances).

    Symptoms for me have included (note the resemblance to hard drug withdrawal): panic, agoraphobia, depression, social anxiety, shivering, changes in body temperature, paranoia, intrusive thoughts, physical distress, food intolerances, organic irregularities, urinary tract infections and other forms of intense fear. Not all of these symptoms are per definition caused by the addiction I struggled with, since I also had an infection from a root canal that failed, but I'm absolutely sure most of these symptoms have everything to do with PMO addiction.

    In my opinion the worst combination definitely is P and O. You do this long enough and regularly and withdrawals are pretty much inevitable. Had I known this was waiting for me I would have thought twice about masturbating when I was a kid, especially to pornography. Because let's be honest, what 13-year-old is capable of thinking about consequences when he first discovers something so pleasurable? This alone is the reason why in my opinion all access to porn should require some sort of ID. I still have a hard time understanding why you can't drink beer before a certain age but at the same time the government has no problem with you jerking off to something so addictive that beer starts looking like water when compared to it. Add to that the comfort of one's own home and you have the ultimate feeding ground for all sorts of acute and chronic problems.

    It is especially important to AVOID the combination of PO if you are already in that withdrawal stage. Can't speak for M but at this point your brain chemistry may be so out of whack that any relapse can set you back. You should simply avoid any sexual stimulation. This may be different from person to person but basically it depends on the severity of your addiction and how long you've been addicted for. If like me your addiction lasted for at least a decade and you PMO'ed on a regular - say daily or even weekly - basis your brain chemistry will be so different from people who were never addicted or maybe less addicted that you are in for the long run (meaning at least a year without PMO to see real recovery happening). Anyone who gives you different advise did either not have true PMO addiction, doesn't care about you, is sugarcoating the effects to keep on doing it, is lying or of another species. Perhaps it's more intense for some but personally I know I wouldn't wish this hell upon anyone.

    Apparently PMO is so addictive even ex- crack or heroin users have compared hard drug withdrawal to porn withdrawal as being much easier. Go figure.

    I know for a fact porn withdrawal caused or at least contributes to my anxiety disorder since it all started when I first quit pmo. This has been confirmed by relapses leading to worsening of depression and anxiety- related symptoms.

    I now realize all of these effects are nothing but logical since the brain goes into some kind of shock mode when you enter that withdrawal stage. Addictions like this lead to very profound changes in brain chemistry and even brain structure. You take that habit away and the brain will have a very hard time finding homeostasis. This shock mode and the release of massive amounts of stress hormones such as adrenalin is the reason why you are experiencing these symptoms.

    IMO once you are in withdrawal the last thing you want to do is go back to using PMO. Instead of solving things this will only make it worse. I know from experience that the brain is so sensitive at that point, each relapse will cause total setback or prolonging of suffering. Again this depends but your safest bet is to abstain from it all for long enough. Believe me when I say that your brain will come up with the best arguments it can think of to trick you into using again. It is important to realize that the only long term solution is in seeing through withdrawal for however long it may take.

    Whatever you do, stay away from P because it's the main reason why you are suffering right now. If anyhing these symptoms and this suffering should be the biggest reason to not use P ever again.

    Hope this makes sense.

    As a final note, I'd like to say that in some regard I'm happy people are starting to share their experiences. Thank you for this. We are one of the first generations to be plagued by this evil and for the good of future generations and kids now being born, I wish experiences and stories like these can serve a purpose in society. Not in the least governments should be aware of the profound effects PMO can have on the developing human brain.

    I wish I had known about this at the time my friends at school started introducing me to this vice. Can't tell if it would have convinced my 13-year-old mind, which is why I think the world's governments should start to intervene. In any case, misery is a few clicks away and the adult industry should be held responsible for inflicting very real misery upon vulnerable young men and kids. I guess money will always be more important to the elitarian system.

    Anyone out there suffering and reading this, you are not alone and it's not entirely your fault. With time and dedication this hell will pass. Stay strong.
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    I have most of your listed withdrawals. Not all at the same time though, they come in periods. Sometimes anxiety but no brainfog, sometimes depression alone etc.
    I notice also that i have no energy to joke and be creative.

    Feelins dumb and low IQ is another witdrawal symptom, which makes it hard to work as a in my case as a programmer.
    Probably i will get fired, but its worth it. I hate SCRUM a process that doesnt give some slack, and allow a "bad week" occasionally.

    good luck
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    given that you are going through withdrawal, I would like to know how long you've been dealing with this. Can you check my topic on withdrawal? Let me know if you can relate.
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    My symptoms have included thus far:

    * Severely increased anxiety
    * Mood swings
    * Deep depression and lack of motivation
    * Panic attacks in public places
    * Dick hypersensitivity

    IMO, the very short answer to your question
    I think that going through PMO withdrawal will have a tendency to exacerbate and intensify some of the issues you already have. For me personally, I've never felt particularly anxious in public, but holy moses after quitting PMO do I feel like I'm going to freak the fuck out when I'm in public, and I've never really had that issue before.

    Since you've had IBS-ish symptoms in the past, my guess is that your PMO withdrawal is just another stress/anxiety intensifier which in turn is triggering your IBS-esque stress response. Chances are good that if you stay steady with this, your overall anxiety will be greatly reduced and these symptoms will abate.

    Quitting PMO is difficult on its own, but you may want to think hard about what else is creating stress in your life and start working to correct that too. I do think that it's a good idea to throw yourself into new hobbies/exercise/activities to take the place of your PMO as part of a new healthy lifestyle, but I think many make the mistake of just switching from one distraction to another when they do this, since PMO is just a symptom of a deeper problem that the need to address. It might be helpful too keep this in mind.
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    hope you keep going and feel better soon man.

    Agree with others about stress. Do more (or less) to reduce it, and hang in there.

    I have had random stomach upsets but due to over eating. Fasting has helped, and keeping a very clean diet. Exercise helps hugely with stress and anxiety.

    Have cut all caffeine and stimulants aside from good quality cacao powder that i use for treating depression and a little energy.

    I would recommend trying an elimination diet, intermittent fasting and saunas. Check this blog from JPs daughter Mikhaila -


    I have gone dairy free also, but if it helps, do it. We're all different.
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  12. Dagger323

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    I agree with you 100%. Everything you said I can completely relate to. It’s quite eerie how similar so many of our situations are in relation to each other. I have already made up my mind that I’ll never PMO again in my life. I realize all the negative effects it has on the mind and body and I refuse to put myself through this hell again. Because invariably to maintain success in life I would have to go on yet another streak if I happened to relapse, and then the withdrawals would hit all over again. That alone is enough to keep me going strong. This has just been a very sad, distressed chapter of my life that I want to be nothing more than a distant memory. It’s all uphill from here.
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    I had loose bowels and awful headaches during my first reboot. Mild shakes too.
  14. Dagger323

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    How long did those last for? I’m experiencing some slight tremors as well...
  15. My symptoms were comparable with benzo withdrawal in the end and I never took a benzo in my life.

    Makes me sick now that I realise what pmo was doing to me and that I can never watch it again.

    Strange head pressure
    Stomach issues/flatuence
    Brain fog
    Short term memory problems
    Speech problems
    Social anxiety
    Moons on fingers dissapeared (now returning)
    Weak erections

    And many more. You name it I had it.
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  16. MarinoBigFan1984

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    About a week or so. The first reboot to me they should call a purge.
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  17. Dagger323

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    Wow. I just looked down at my own fingers and the “moons” disappeared from mine as well. Hadn’t noticed it until now but I’m sure it’s withdrawal related because a few weeks ago they were there. How long did all that last for you and are you still experiencing any withdrawals now?
  18. Dagger323

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    Great name for it. This is my longest streak and my first real one because I had been edging on my very first attempt. I noticed zero withdrawals the first time but that’s probably why. This has been a completely clean reboot and this time they’re hitting me hard...
  19. steveo2312

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    I stopped on day 31 due to prostate pain.
  20. Fenix Rising

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    Being addicted to compulsive bingle PMO for +17 years, 4 months in hardmore now:

    • Extreme anxiety :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> social anxiety, existential anxiety
    • Intense panic :emoji_heavy_check_mark: -> to a point of racing heart, not full blown panic attack
    • Depression :emoji_heavy_check_mark::emoji_o: -> started hardmode when being chronically depressed -> starting to feel better (not cured) after 100 days
    • Lethargy :emoji_heavy_check_mark:
    • Aching muscles :emoji_heavy_check_mark: -> pain in muscles and joints, feels like having flu
    • Lower back pain :emoji_heavy_multiplication_x:
    • Dull headaches :emoji_heavy_check_mark::emoji_o: -> Horrible headaches... stopped after being 50-60 days in hardmode
    • Brain fog :emoji_heavy_check_mark: :emoji_o: -> stopped/lessened after aprox. 60 days in hardmode
    • Random eyelid twitches :emoji_heavy_check_mark::emoji_o: -> had them occasionally, but don't have it anymore. Don't know when they stopped
    • Zero motivation :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> improving slightly though
    • Loneliness but fear to socialize :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> loneliness: yes, fear to socialize: yes, but I force myself to be more social (socializing, dating, travelling) now
    • Lump/raw feeling in the throat :emoji_heavy_multiplication_x:
    • A general cold feeling in my forearms :emoji_heavy_check_mark:
    • Slight dizziness :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> turning head or prolonged starring in one point makes me sick... didn't have this problems in PMO mode
    • Hypochondria :emoji_heavy_multiplication_x:
    • Consistent stomach discomfort,bloating, and gas which results in alternating constipation and diarrhea (since about week 3) :emoji_heavy_multiplication_x:
    • very frequent need to urinate :emoji_heavy_check_mark::emoji_o:-> starting to get better after 3 months
    • Total flatline :emoji_heavy_check_mark: -> no sexual desires
    • PIED :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> probably still persist/ no arousal around women/ haven't tried sex since in hardmode
    • long lasting morning woods :emoji_heavy_check_mark: -> pain in the ass when sharing bedrooms
    • Wild mood swings :emoji_heavy_check_mark::emoji_o: -> total euphoria one moment / wanted to die next moment, like being severely bipolar. Things have gotten more stable after 3 months
    • Insomnia :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> to the point of not sleeping 3 days in a row and only few hours in a whole week
    • Oversleeping :emoji_heavy_check_mark:-> being awake whole night, then fall asleep from exhaustion at 7/8 am but only for a few hours
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