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  1. Legion7

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    Some of mine are tension and I can massage them out. Others come during my anxiety type attacks. Those I just have to eat.
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  2. Dagger323

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    Seems to be pretty random for me.
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  3. Hmmm im usually stressed so I can’t say, but I don’t have headaches/tension right now but before I did, how heavy did you use?
  4. Big Lebowski

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    Without a doubt these dull headaches or head pressure as I and many others call it even benzo addicts and alcoholics mention the same phenomenon is related to recovery in some way.

    I have had it for over 100+ days on and off and in different intensity too. One day I may feel it ever so slighty then the other it feels really strong around my forehead, behind the eyes and so on.

    I think it is something to do with the brain rewiring back to homeostasis.
  5. Dagger323

    Dagger323 Fapstronaut

    A lot. At least five times a day when I was really going at it before discovering NoFap. I haven’t been having the headaches much lately but had them off and on for a while...
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  6. P-Free

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    @Big Lebowski I can totally relate to what you're saying here. I've had the same physical sensations on and off, too, in the same places and also in my neck. I like the theory that it's related to the brain rewiring back to homeostasis. For me, that makes it somewhat easier to bear.
  7. BeanBurrito

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    Can also relate to headaches. Anywhere from the annoying dull variety to full on migraines. Along with a whole bunch of other symptoms- the most prominent being lethargy, tiredness, and anhedonia.

    Recovery has been a nonlinear process. I'll have a few really good days or even a good week and then I'll fall right back down to what feels like square 1. The trend is definitely up though, there's no doubt about that.

    Full recovery is inevitable, it's just a wild, long, windy road. Buckle up guys.
  8. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    I hear ya there! We got this, though!
  9. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I had massive headaches. My first reboot lasted 31 days. This time I’m flatlined and have been since day 1 but have not experienced any severe symptoms. The first reboot is the worst which is why to me it’s a purge.
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  10. Dagger323

    Dagger323 Fapstronaut

    On another streak now for over a month and I’ve been experiencing more symptoms the last week or so. Minus the stomach issues I had last time, currently I’m experiencing headaches, extreme fatigue/dizziness, muscle aches, muscle twitches, fuzzy vision, MASSIVE amounts of brain fog, general exhaustion/tiredness, heat intolerance (nearly passed out in the shower due to heat exhaustion), tight breathing/chest tension, ringing in ears, elevated BP and various joint pain. Haven’t been able to exercise daily like usual due to the dizziness.

    Withdrawal is pure hell.
  11. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    You're last sentence tells the truth, man! It sucked. Stay strong and keep reminding yourself it's only temporary. I had a lot of the same symptoms.
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  12. jorg78

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    Yeah. Withdrawal is shit. I really miss the old me who had the motivation and drive. Today, I just try to make it through the day..
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  13. SLeepisLost

    SLeepisLost Fapstronaut

    Day 52 no porn and day 15 no MO. Yes after my MO relapse I had a setback!
    I have had and still have SEVERE withdrawal. Here are some of my symptoms:

    Severe weird anxiety
    Feeling of guilt
    Impending doom terror feeling
    Panic attacks
    Anxiety attacks
    Social anxiety / paralysis
    Aches and pains (Sharp stinging pains in my abdomen)
    Irritable bowel
    Stomach bloating
    Zero appetite
    Shit had a different color and structure
    Jolting awake during sleep. Sometimes every 10 minutes.
    SEVERE insomnia. 3 nights without any sleep.
    Shallow breathing
    Minor headaches
    Racing mind
    Severe ADD
    Trouble urinating
    Frequent urination
    Pain in prostrate when urinating (only during withdrawal)
    Adrenalin rushes
    Tight pumped up calf muscles when walking
    Weak legs
    Very very low energy
    Runny nose with flu like feeling
    Red hot skin with fever feeling
    Low IQ syndrome
    Trembling and shaking with hand tremor
    Worrying about everything
    Orthostatic hypotension (dizziness when standing up from sitting position)
    Wanting to isolate
    Blurry vision
    Head tension
    Chest tightness
    Brain fog
    Night sweats
    Night terror
    Weird beeping or ringing sounds during the night
    Feeling like dying
    Weak body overall
    One time I saw weird visions when I closed my eyes, almost psychedelic
    Vivid crazy ass dreams with dark feelings
    Porn dreams
    Sleep paralysis
    Slow insecure parkinson like movement

    And Im sure Im forgetting some more
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  14. Powerous

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    Depending on how long and heavy you were addicted to PMO these symptoms are expected. Not sure about stomach ones etc.
    But defo depression/social anxiety and all the rest that stems from it.

    I had similar withdrawal symptoms when I was 30 days+.

    It just depends on the severity of ones addiction and length of the addiction.
    Quitting cold turkey on any addiction is difficult and withdrawals are defo expected.

    Thats why exercise and other healthy acitivities are important.
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  15. SLeepisLost

    SLeepisLost Fapstronaut

    I edged and binged hardcore for months before going cold turkey. Thats how addicted I am to porn and also prostitutes. I have been addicted to many things. I have been through a high dose benzo withdrawal 20mg of xanaxx and quit that cold turkey. Hell I almost died. It was psychotic hell on earth. Anxiety out of this world. I got addicted to benzos because I used them to lessen the withdrawal from porn addiction. So porn and my own stupidity caused me to get addicted to benzos. This porn withdrawal is my second hardest withdrawal I went through. This withdrawal has its own unique dark feelings. I also went through a 3 week high dose opioid binge withdrawal and this withdrawal was not pleasant but not as bad and long lasting as a porn binge fest withdrawal. I also flushed those opioids through the toilet as they made me feel sick anyway, I never ever looked back to them. Dont miss them at all, no cravings for oxy, fentanyl or morphine, but this porn is a different ballgame. I crave it hard and I have not been able to kick it. Its the hardest addiction to quit IMO
  16. Dagger323

    Dagger323 Fapstronaut

    There’s few things I can think of that match the mental (and physical) torment of this. The last two days I’ve had a lot of tension in my chest that I also experienced back in July, which resulted in me going to my nearest Urgent Care to have an EKG. Everything came back perfectly fine. I know it’s anxiety, but no matter how calm I make myself the feeling won’t subside. It’s gotta have something to with just a massive increase in stress hormones. Also I think not being able to exercise like I was doing has had a negative impact on my mental state. While I was walking/jogging the first three and a half weeks I had no negative symptoms at all. As soon as I took a break these withdrawals hit in full force. Now I’m not even sure if I could walk for a few minutes without feeling extremely dizzy or lightheaded…
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  17. Dagger323

    Dagger323 Fapstronaut

    Minus the severe insomnia, I’ve experienced/am experiencing everything you mentioned. Literally every single one.
  18. Fallensoldier1

    Fallensoldier1 Fapstronaut

    Man oh man withdrawals and just pure nasty!! I hate how I get on a good streak and then fail and end up MO’ing several times before I’m able to get back on the horse. This last time I didn’t even watch P. I did it to my feeling and imagination. Sure enough a few days later all the symptoms started settling in again. When I found this site I was about to check myself in the hospital as well. Couldn’t figure out this physical and emotional rollercoaster.
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  19. Dagger323

    Dagger323 Fapstronaut

    It’s total and utter hell. I’ve barely been able to function the last several days... I’ve had a lot of chest tightness and pressure and I’ve been considering checking myself into the hospital but I’m sure they won’t find anything just like the last two times I had an EKG done in the past year.
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  20. Tin Foil Hat

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    I have gone through quite alot of these symptoms too over the last month, i think the worst thing for me is the headaches. i have had them every single day for over a week now and it makes exercising and concentrating almost impossible. It just shows how bad PMO really is for our brain if this is the withdrawals you go through.
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