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    Its been 10 days PMO free and Jesus christ this is hard. Cravings are starting to drive me mad. I dont even want to watch porn and even with Instagram at this point I dont want to even look at instathots but im terrified that this will only get worse. I cant remember the last time in years ive gone this long without PMO or real sex.

    Ive read opposing views on sex during nofap. Anyone have experience on how sex and O will delay the recovery process? I figure that the dopamine release should make the overall healing slower but i wanted other peoples thoughts. At this point I honestly dont think i can make it 90 days without actual sex given I recently got out of a 3 year relationship where i was having sex pretty frequently
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    You gotta STOP this mentality ASAP. This is what I thought for 2 years on my nofap journey until I really turned this thinking around to I KNOW I can make it. now i feel better than i ever have. i don't wanna go back. if you wanna save yourself the time, keep using positive self-affirmations. I CAN, I WILL etc. i was in a relationship before I started the journey so i know how tough it is. get your mind right first by going cold turkey for now, the women always gonna be there. i would think no sex speeds up the process. keep moving bro, you made 10 why not 90?
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    They say hard reboot is the best which is 90 days without porn ,mastrubation and sex . But some say sex with you'r loved one is helping you not to get back at porn.Sex with you'r partner can rewire you'r brain to normal sexual intimate feeling rather then fake from porn. Experiment see if sex is helping you recover do it . But getting intimate with you'r loved one like touching kissing will help you a lot specially if you have PIED .
  4. DeepParkWater

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    Well I tried having sex with my prior SO when I tried to beat PA in the past and it help at first, but over time, I feel like certain situations made it harder to control impulses, im kind of riding a wave of calm in between withdrawl symptoms so hopefully I can keep this level of composure when the next wave hits, I know that the worst of the flatline is still yet to come and honestly Im a bit terrified.
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    yeah this is what it's ALL about.

    just like with heroin or nicotine, or caffeine, it's ALL about the WITHDRAWL.

    the heroin addicts can physically DIE from withdrawl, their organs shut down personally i think/KNOW the orgasm addiction is wayy worse than a stupid addiction to powder. and the withdrawl is psychicly/spiritually/WAYYYY worse than a stupid CHEMICAL withdrawl.

    it is chemical AND psychic/spiritual.

  6. InflammatoryResponse

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    3rd day is worst. 5th and 7th day you feel stronger, in control.

    longer you go, stronger you are but ....

    like nictone, it's the strong large dose, that makes you really get addicted. that's why they would spike cigarettes with high nicotine, because they knew from studies on rats, that gets them highy addicted.

    that's also why they display the porn the way they do, they study it in depth and find which was is MOST addictive, because they are satanic aliens from outer space who view us as little more than lab rats.

    Ghandi actually had alot of great ideas and did a lot of really interesting experiments on sex/sex addiction I read about.
    he said he fucked his first wife so much, all the time, they didnt' have time for much else. but he sort of felt bad about being so addicted to it. but they got married young
  7. SirReal

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    Positive affirmations help dividing the thoughts of your addicted self from your actual self. Your addicted self is saying: oh you can't make it without this or without that because it's too difficult.

    Positive affirmations of saying: I don't need to count days, I choose to live this way. It's difficult but I've won more minutes against this addiction than I ever did and if I can soldier through this single minute, I can soldier through the next and bulldoze through the after.

    Try to keep busy, work, do chores, be physically active, spend less time off your screen. Always affirm yourself: I actively QUIT. It. Means. I. Won't. Ever. Do. This.
    Look at your hands, look in the mirror, look at yourself. It's you, ultimately you decide what you do and which side you are on. Be proud of yourself, you're quitting, you're doing great and being awesome already. Hit me up if you need some motivation or someone to talk to.
  8. Personally I've never done heroin in my life. But I know both pmo and heroin raise dopamine, serotonin, Neropinephrine levels and other stress hormones like adrenaline for example. I still go with pmo because watching porn for hours and endless novelties alone mess up your brains chemistry. Masturbation, along with it, you wasting your semen which contain minerals such as zinc for your well being. Now Orgasm which the French called "slow death" is also to be considered. That's why I think pmo is worse than heroin. That alone didn't stop my motivation to go hardmode for 1 year now. And I'm still suffering with flatline withdrawals.
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  9. InflammatoryResponse

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    well you know that is the whole trick, gaining control of your own mind so you can 'do things' and concentrate.

    once SAtan breaks your concentration, or in my case, completely annihilates it , they won't let you get it back without a HUGE HUGE FIGHT>

    I always suspected there was something demonic about it, but it's hard to say because much of it really is exhcange of sexual energies if you are doing it with actual girls, having real sex.

    but the masturbation thing, it an attack on the genitals, by aliens sometimes, because they DON"T want you to reproduce, they are making you waste your seed, destroying your aural power so they can destroy you and your hive.

    but I've studied the energies , how they work, and the closer I would get to figuring out, WOW, you come up against some very interesting beings.

    now diabetes is eating without hunger, you FEEL hungry but you are NOT hungry. your body does not actually NEED food.

    well, same with sleep, sleeping when you are not 'sleepy' will KILL YOU. fapping when you are not truly 'horny' will KILL YOU

    eating when you are not objectively 'hungry' will KILL YOU

    black wizards in yo pants
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    I quit p while married and with a sexlife. Perhaps it takes longer but a lovelife makes me stronger too. Frequency of sex was low but that was fine for both of us.
  11. Heroins acute withdrawal sounds mad but I've never read an account of Heroins post acute withdrawal being as mad as porn. My own case has been second to benzos...
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