Wolverine Breathing challenge

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    Great idea! How is is going, mate?
  2. Day 174
    i am more aware about organs and energy.
    The monk mode can greatly fuel this technique.
    U will fly instead of walking if u r in monk mode.
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  3. Day 180
    I missed the practice for a few days. Some changes in situations. back now.

    'Monk mode' is the only way to achieve full potential of this challenge. Semen retention is not enough. U need a lot energy in the store to unlock your machine's advanced features. Basic features don't need much energy. Sexual thoughts cut off the wings every time wings grow and this process of chopping can continue till you die because it is the design. Ball is in ur court so you decide. It is hard but truth. Let go small temporary pleasures and lower game levels and achieve higher, bigger and more stable pleasures and higher levels. It is the Game.
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    How is monk mode more than semen retention? I thought it was about the same.
  5. In semen retention, semen is retained. No ejaculation of semen but you can have everything else. You can masturbate and have sex. It needs some practice. Tantra, Taoist(Mantak chia), Karezza. Some Energy is flowing through sexual door. Sexual door is used.
    It is better than constant semen ejaculation but if you do it wrong, it can lead to some issues.

    In monk mode, even sexual thoughts are not allowed. Nothing sexual. Some incorporate dopamine detox along with it. No Energy is flowing through sexual door. Sexual door is not used. It is sealed.

    (Some people may have different definition for these two. Mine is this)

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