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    Turbo(TBO) here,

    I'm going to help all of you young single guys out. I'm a married 28 year old man and I've gathered some knowledge about women that will definitely help you out. Keep a realistic and open mindset here.

    Most of the time women speak in codes to men. Here is a list of codes and what they mean. Remember they are emotional beings and will not come out and just say something brash and honest like a man. They keep their feelings under lock and use codes as a way to tell you things without actually saying them. Here are some codes that can help you. There are many more but this is just the basics for single guys or just starting out in relationships. Enjoy!


    "Let's just be friends." - I don't like you.

    (You're sitting with girls, they see a friend) "Let's go sit over with Tina." - Get away from us, we are joining our friend.

    "I remembered I have to go do this thing" - It's my excuse to not hang out with you.

    "....." - I ghosted you. Don't talk to me.

    (Watching a movie) "Wow look how sweet that is" - Do this thing for me sometime.

    I have to go powder my nose/bathroom" (other girl follows) - We're going to talk about stuff, give us privacy.

    I like it when guys give their girls flowers" - Buy me some flowers.

    (she looks stern after an incident) "Nothing" - I'm not talking to you about what I'm upset about.

    "Agh, Fine" (calms down) - You just won this argument.

    "You're a nice guy" - I won't bang you.

    "That asshole, I'm done with him." - I'm angry, but I think I can still try to change him.

    "Do you know what day is today?" - Today is our _______(Insert special day here).

    (Give her advice on her ex) "You're right. I should do that" - You're wrong and your stupid.

    "Whatever" - I don't care, I'm still upset.

    Where's the other shirt I bought you?" - Dammit! Wear your new shirt.

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  2. never heard any of this tbh ngl. also, jfl if you think you haf to decode a woman to fuck her. if she likes you, she will let you know lol.

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