Woman on tik tok asks “where did all the good men go”?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by brassknucks, May 3, 2021.

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    White knight? Cuck? What did I say that defended women, or glorified myself? What did I say that implied I like to watch other people bed my SO? Could it possibly be that you are bad at insulting people?

    Of course nothing I said was profound. It's just common sense, and it's better than "Yeah women these days are the worst and i hvae the tiktok vid to prove it."

    I'm going to say it again, because you obviously missed it. In real life, I know not to soap box and lecture people. But this isn't real. I'm not real. So I'll insult "stupid kids on the Internet" all day long and enjoy it for the exact same petty, selfish, ignorant reason you insult "stupid women." It's easy, it's fun, and it makes me feel better than you.
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    I don't recall many of the people in this comments section mentioning that they want to have a romantic relationship with a woman to begin with; so most of what you stated is irrelevant. The focus is on how toxic this individual's personality is and how hypocritical she is, not wrongfully stereotyping all women as being like her. This isn't to mention your own obvious hypocrisy from assuming we are all unsuccessful MGTOW losers and the like to disillusioning yourself about people who use the internet. For someone who likes to insult people on internet forums for fun it is quite ironic that you fit into the very category of people you dislike so much.
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    If they don't want a relationship with a woman, then why complain about how this woman is overvaluing herself and is hypocritical and needs a reality check, and also implying she is representative of a trend on the current dating market? There's reasons outside wanting to date them, but not many.
    These are the most obvious examples, and I'm sorry @brassknucks for digging this back up, I thought we were getting along better.

    This is your best argument but check this out
    I know exactly who I am and what I am doing, and still chose to hit "Post Reply." I said, without saying it outright because I thought the audience was sophisticated enough to catch on, I am posting as a troll. I was shitposting, not because I thought the people I was talking to were going to be receptive to anything I had to say, or even because I believed in what I was saying. I did it because it was fun to be sarcastic and condescending, and I said as much.

    I still believe I should be more concerned about fixing myself than fixing other people, and that includes present company. They can whine about how hypocritical the original woman is, and how awful most women are. It's fine. You can call me out, that's also fine. I don't have to listen if I don't want to.

    Hey, all this garbage aside, I sincerely hope you stick around, learn some stuff, start a journal, and quit porn. That stuff's cancer, I hope you can get free of it.
  5. Gotta have reason to invest 10 minutes of my time to watch a vid. How do I know it's good enough?
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  6. I guess I'm really out of it but WTF are living bras? Is it made out of biologically active materials??!?
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    I think it's made of stretchy material so you can see the natural bounce. And no, the original vid is not worth 10 minutes, it's just some broad complaining that most men suck followed by a takedown of her and why she sucks.
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    If a girl wants to attract a good man, she needs to work on being a good woman.

    If a guy wants to attract a good woman, he needs to work on being a good man (not a Nice Guy).

    Work on yourselves my bruhs. Don't worry about what other people are doing. And yeah, if you hear a girl say something like "all men are jerks", "where have all the good men gone?", "where are all the real men?", etc. you should avoid her like the plague. She most likely is exactly the type of girl that the "blackpillers" obsess over.
  9. “where did all the good men go”?
    Is this a joke i couldnt get past the first few seconds of that video. I am glad she posted that video i see what she looks like and can avoid her and her deep issues
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    Not to defend this woman's comments, but one of the reasons women do all that stuff is from the unrealistic expectations us men have of women. They think they're unattractive without all that. Its quite sad.

    Its not a direct cause and effect thing. Men are to blame too (but not in the way this woman is blaming)
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    Are you implying women think an honourable man is a beta male? Interesting

    I think if so, thats says a lot about a woman's character.
  13. TikTok is so sexist man I mean the way they encourage female objectification

    Dont run a media titan like that and act neutral in what trends on it
  14. You are right. Perhaps my polluted and deluded browsing lens need a good polish.

    Time to do the work to not let mainstream media destroy my manhood and turn me into a sexist pig by feeding my psyche all that objectifying bogusry which is all so similar and moronic to be blunt

    But then I can see how moronic I often am and shouldnt critique others
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    Fucking legend. I do think that there are problems product of this society that are shared by a lot of individuals, tendencies or trends in personality and mindset, that lead to generalizations.
    But apart from that, this comment is pure gold.
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    politics in a nutshell.
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    we would still hit that.
    "honor" really depend on where you live.

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