Women and headphones in the gym, no sound.

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  1. Castielle

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    Well, at work that's kind of different... I think coworkers talking to other coworkers, and maybe not knowing that they're busy at the moment, is different than someone in a coffee shop trying to pick someone up who is clearly working. But either way, that's still kind of rude.
  2. Castielle

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    I agree. I think that's a great way for people to meet other people who have similar interests. That's why honestly I wouldn't mind a guy trying to talk to me at the gym. It's not like I'm so focused I can't hold a conversation for a moment. Of course I'm married, so there would be no reason for them to hit on me, because it wouldn't go anywhere. Lol but I wouldn't be offended by it. I'm more bothered if someone interrupts me doing something important, that takes a lot of thought, to be like "so, what's up?" That's annoying to me.
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  3. Castielle

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    I think the key, in my opinion as one woman with her own opinions, is to just be respectful and self aware enough to tell if someone doesn't want to talk to you. If you try to talk to someone with headphones on and they look annoyed, stop talking to them and leave them alone. If you try to talk to them and they happily take off their headphones and continue the conversation, then go ahead and have a conversation. The problem arises when people have zero self awareness and just keep trying to continue a conversation when you're obviously not interested in talking to them.
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    I never understood picking up women at a gym. Usually i like to get in there, go hard for 2 hours to muslce failure & gtfo
  5. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    Yep, and I’m embarrassed to say took me awhile to learn that last part.

    She’s glaring at you John, get out of here and leave her alone.

    Seems like it should be common sense but unfortunately for some, like me, it didn’t come with out some stupid mistakes.
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  6. FellatiousD

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    I know I'm opening a wormhole but...
    Does the act of them asking you out make them a creep?
  7. ShadyPerson

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    That's how it could be interpretted, but seems like such an absurd idea that I'd assume she didn't mean it that way.
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    I'd say there are measurable signs of creepiness. Like the intensity of eye connection, too long time in which you look at a person without introducing yourself before, blocking the way out, general signs of hiding something and low confidence.
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    There are definitely measurable signs of creepiness. Lol it's always funny to me when I say something to my husband, like the other day I told him some old guy at the grocery store was trying to flirt with me. And he was like "maybe he was just being friendly." And I'm like dude... no. Lol I can tell the difference between a friendly smile and a creepy, leering smirk. It's obvious.
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  10. FollowYourBeard

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    Funny thing, it isn't that obvious to guys. We don't even sometimes see it when we are acting creepy as hell.
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  11. Castielle

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    Lol I know, it's strange, but true.

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