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Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by ace1234, Apr 2, 2019.

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    Hi there ladies hope you read this.

    Im 28 m with my own struggles but this thread isnt about me. Its about my younger brother whos 15 and my mother.

    I dont live with them and in fact I am in seperate countries from them.

    I know my little bro watches porn. Fact is hes already dropping out of class, even went 5 months no school. Ive shown him some videos but hes still so young I dont think he understands the weight of what porn can do to a man.

    Hes become very aggressive, abusive even. He swears a lot and causes my mother a lot of pain and anger. Hes broken doors in the house etc..

    Her husband is probably an addict because Ive told him about Nofap and there are no light bulbs that go off for him To him its all natural. I feel sorry for my mother and her marriage. Husband is also very irritable and angry most of the time.

    Ive told my mother about my own addiction, but only to shed light on my little brother and the times we live in.

    She seems to understand and I want to give her some resources while I attempt to persuade my little bro to try nofap.

    She can be very explosive and emotional, punishing him etc.. which can feed the addiction (when you want to escape reality and not deal with it) which is really counterproductive.

    What resources can I start her off on as a mother and a parent so she can get an idea of the pain most suffer through when they try to give it up.

    I really want to help her and my little bro.
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    Hey welcome to the site...sorry to hear of your struggles and especially your younger brother. Sounds like your mom is in a highly charged environment.
    I hate to say this , but about all you could do is send I formation about SANON and SA.
    (Sexaholics Anonymous).
    Whether they read it or not and go to a meeting is entirely up to them. I’ve been in your position and it’s like leading a horse to water...you can lead them, but ya can’t make them drink it. It’s a frustrating, painful,angry making position.
    Best thing you can do , is clear up any addiction issues you have, live the BEST LIFE possible and be the example you want for them.
    Prayers are with you and your family...good luck

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