WOMEN Are Eye Raping Me Like Crazy!!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by 2legit2quit, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. sylvacat

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    So I am a week now and I logged on here to say about the same thing, girl in the bank that I am a regular at was giving me the eye today and a flirty smile, then stopped in to the coffee shop and the girl behind the counter was giving me the sultry bedroom eyes yet to top it all off......my soon to be ex wife texted me out of the blue asking me....."Is this divorce really what you want??"

    What the hell man this is only a week! I been working out at night, pushups crunches curls with dumbells during time I would normally be sucked into PMO and fapping and already needing less sleep and way more energy and better mood, kept catching myself just smiling today.

    Oh yeah, my meeting was with a potential landlord who is a very successful biz man / realtor and he gave me loads of respect, I felt his equal where in the past I would have definitely played a beta role in the conversation.

    this is the best thing I one for myself since I quit drinkin!!!
  2. atak

    atak Fapstronaut

    That is good to hear. What do you do when girls stare at you?
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  3. 2legit2quit

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    I don't think he understands what leads to all of the gawking
  4. 2legit2quit

    2legit2quit Fapstronaut

    Have great conversations. The kind that you don't have to "run game" on them because you can tell they're already into you. It's an ego boost the same kind they get when a lot of men approach a girl. You're options for sex grows!! It's all about knowing you don't have to chase them
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  5. Ray Breslin

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    Which day are you on?
  6. britaxe

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    I'm certainly more chatty with the opposite sex now, definitely more eye contact and smiles from them and me too. Hopefully I'm off out with a friend in a few days for a beer or two. I know his history and he's PMO mad and doesn't know i'm clean :D So this could prove a good social experiment.
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  7. Calm

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    Nice to hear. Natural confidence and a genuine personality go a long way.

    Just curious, are you excited about this attention due to having the ability to have sex with a woman anytime one eyes you down and signals she wants you?

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