Women coming out of nowhere while on a long non ejaculatory streak?

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  1. The latter; u can regain the powers that are rightfully yours. I'e stopped listening to music and watching ideos with women in it. If I must, I cover my eyes, so i dont see them.
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    You were kissing for two hours??? why didnt you bang her?
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  4. I call bullshit on this. I used to believe all this mumbo jumbo that once you have a good streak you become a chick magnet. For a while I really thought that was the case, the point was either I was being more available as before ( instead of isolation) and would have attracted those women, Pmo or without it.
    Believe what you want to believe, but don't get frustrated if you expect too much.
    Been there done that for more than 10 years now. At least you won't be devastated when learn you are no George Clooney...
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    Yeah I was putting my pants in the washing machine yesterday and just realized three women fell off the back pocket. Amazing.
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    Its real whether its subconsciously or consciously. Nofap gives you the ability to feel good, confident, and take action. This all entails in being relaxed and girls sense it and become attracted. There are different factors we all face that prevents us from achieving full peak attraction and thats what I am trying to figure out right now by doing experiments. Ill make a post one day but what I found so far is loving yourself so no girl can ever be higher than your self esteem, you dont need anything as long as you have you, take your vitamins (especially d), 15+ days of nofap, 60 days for peak attraction.

    An example that happened recently for me was I was on day 21 of nofap, a girl, who had a bf,got uncomfortably close to me as we are talking , never happened before since I known her. As soon as I relapsed she kept a normal distance ever since.
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  7. Got a question. When you guys said women out nowhere, did u guyz took after-nofap photo and put them in facebook?
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  8. Where are you from if u don't mind me asking?
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    El nofap te hace más atento, más acertivo. El nofap te hace disfrutar el momento presente. Son cualidades atractivas.

    Me pasó varias veces que las mujeres se me acerquen, hace poco una compañera de trabajo anoto su celular en el mío.

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    I do mind.
  11. Do you have a goal in mind?
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  12. Wow!!!!!

    I don't smoke weed or cigarettes, but I'm kinda getting by when my salary is low whereas high-school graduates make more than I do.
  13. I used to be skinny. I now weight around 84 kilos. I look kinda fat cuz of my belly, but women in the Middle East check me out.

    Not saying I want this kind of attention. I'm simply pointing out what I saw.
  14. I'll tell you something from my faith.

    If you prayed for money but didn't come for a long time, it may be a good thing. What if that money led you to problems? God knows best.
  15. late for this post but haha, best post in here. like seriously it’s all bullshit. i mean i cant never get to 90 days but 3 weeks should of been enough for me.
  16. Im one of those that get no attention from women regardless of those long streaks i was on. Personally I don't care because the women near my age and around my area arent worth the effort to get in a relationship with. Not even one of the reasons i wanted to do nofap.
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  17. Are you stressed?
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    I see that there are two positions here. Those who believe that male sexual abstinence attracts women and those who do not believe it.

    From my personal experiences, I consider myself in the first category. I can't explain it at 100% yet, but there is something related to magnestim and positive vibes. When a male retains its semen it has positive effects on those around him.
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  19. I’m going to say that I’m in the group believing that women become attracted to guys who are on retention. Don’t get me wrong I can understand the doubters but I’m looking at this from a more practical standpoint I’d say.

    when a guy is retaining its not just a physical change that takes place but also a mental change. The big thing is the mental change I believe, but they both are connected. When a guy faps multiple times a week or day even, his body is working to replenish the lost seed so to speak and it lowers his energy. There’s a lot of vital nutrients in that stuff and the body takes I believe 72 days to create fully mature sperm. But anyway on the mental piece- a guy who faps often will have a mindset that he is content with fapping as his main source of happiness and he becomes ‘sedated’ so to speak. When you reject that you break from the matrix and hold yourself to a higher standard-“my life has got to be better than sex and I’m a creator” .

    This attitude is what breaks you free. And it separates you from other guys girls see. You begin working on your life and finding fulfillment. You become a guy with more to offer. Not only that but your subconscious accepts this belief and that’s when the real change happens. Your whole body language changes and body language is HUGE. You’re not going to give the same submissive body language/ micro expressions etc. that you did before because before the appearance of a woman held power over you because you didn’t exercise discernment. When you see women you’re just above it all now cause you’re not captive to her beauty instead you move through your environment like a creator instead of desperately craving her dual creative nature.

    Then extending into the ‘vibrational woo’ so to speak... it is scientifically proven that the heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. It can be detected several feet from the body. The mind and heart communicate with each other and the heart generates/amplifies the feelings from the mind. A mindset of a man who retains extends into the way he feels (the heart) this electromagnetic energy is extending to others around you in your environment. More and more evidence is emerging that this field of energy impacts moods and feelings of people. So literally women are becoming magnetically attracted to you.

    I want to close with my personal experience and just to simplify things. When I started retaining, women started looking at me different. I would have girls turn heads and their friend try and snap them out of their daze. I had random girls that saw me on the street somehow find me on social media and slide in my dms (not a huge social media guy btw). I even had chicks cat call me (weird right). None of that happened to me before retaining and quitting porn. To keep it short and simple take this- retaining and quitting porn makes you change because it DEMANDS it from you. When you make that change for the most part you draw less value to the beauty of women... instead you place value in YOURSELF and CREATING the life you want. From that mindset that same energy permeates through your body and the world around you.

    Don’t settle and be sedated with addiction. You’re worth more. Act like it.
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    I know it's not a good thing that so many men masturbate, but if you look at the bright side, as a guy on semen retention you only have two things left to worry about to be a king among beggars; character and money.
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