Women coming out of nowhere while on a long non ejaculatory streak?

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    If I had to single something out as being the most rewarding then I would definitely say that a spiritual practice and semen retention are the 2 most important tools (they go hand and hand actually) which have the greatest beneficial effects on this human self-- compared to anything else that I could do.

    So of course, if I have been truly preserving my semen then I will be more magnetic (hands down), not just girls will be attracted to me, but everything, men, animals, babies, etc. Its natural. The attraction really isnt personal though (so don’t take it personal!)-- it is more about vibration, whether they know that or not.

    But this strong magnetism comes only if I am "truly" retaining my ojas and semen. Because there are so many ways to cheat while claiming that we are retaining our semen. Thats the thing. So many subtle things we can do to burn up our “ojas” (this is what we are really talking about preserving-- not the physical semen). Even if I don’t physically ejaculate I can lose ojas so many other ways via, edging, indulging in sexual thoughts and fantasies, putting my attention on the sexual stream of thinking in whatever form that takes and watching seemingly innocent videos or pictures while getting a subtle hit from it, trying to get attention from the opposite sex and then milking those hits of attention, eating a lot of hard to digest food and meat, staying up late and not sleeping enough, alcohol and drugs, etc.

    Thats the next level of the game though-- after we have some practice and time of not losing our physical semen then the game becomes more subtle. But We have to also transcend these subtle above-mentioned traps (if we want the real benefits) and not play into the ego mind that wants to use this new magnetism that we are enjoying to manipulate the opposite sex or feed off of their attention because that will eat up our ojas cause our magnetism to disappear. Perhaps not as bad as masturbating, but nonetheless it has a negative effect.

    If someone is attracted to you spiritually then this is the best and highest and most pure attraction. If they see something in you that reflects their own higher self that they want to realize and thus feel you can help them, then this is fine. This is the real purpose of having the magnetism anyway-- not to waste it on frivolous desires, getting attention, and nonsense, but to use it as a gift to serve the spirit in someone else. But we have to be ready for that because there is a responsibility that comes with it. In the past I would allow a relationship to start with a girl on that higher premise but then later I got weak and the relationship went from being spiritual to personal, and then that would cause confusion in the girl and it never turned out good. All learning experiences though!
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