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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by jest, May 15, 2017.

  1. jest

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    Here's something I realised, when a woman likes me and makes it so I take notice of it, I obviously feel good, everybody does. However, it appears to be a bad thing, there are things that I forget in the moment and my ego inflates to the point where it starts affecting my judgement. It's a kind of "I'm hot sh*t because this person likes me".

    Do you guys know what I mean? It makes me ignore things or even other people that I otherwise wouldn't. How do we fight this off?

    I believe it also happens to people who manage to overcome a big issue in their lives and are now fine, dandy and happy so they suddenly forget what they learned during the actual solving of said issue (like a depressive state of mind or heart break).
  2. Irish Explorer

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    When you say you feel like hot shit because of an event that takes place, the implication is that you don't feel like hot shit the rest of the time. The solution is to increase the love you have for yourself until your self-esteem is at a constant and relaxed high. Then you won't react so strongly, positively or negatively, to external events.
  3. jest

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    That is indeed a good idea and makes sense. Have you mastered such a thing? If so, any tips? Sometimes I feel great and proud of my (scarce) acomplishments and I do feel like my self-esteem is at a high, but it never lasts very long.
  4. IamRick

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    So be your own source of validation then. Sage like advice :cool:
  5. I Free I

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    Absolutely :emoji_bow:

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