Women, Power and control

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    why do women seek to control men and see it as their god given right to order men around. They control sex in terms of the frequency and duration in a relationship where the man has to abide by her rules. If a man steps out of line for example suggesting she should lower her voice when arguing than it's called domestic abuse because he has ordered her. But when a woman orders a man around it's called equality.

    Female bosses in the workplace can't control their hormones so they annoy males colleagues. Causes an atmosphere of nervousness and uncomfortable.

    What is in store for men in the 21st century ?
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    Men Superiority + Women Insecurities = This

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    Maybe you need to get to know different women.
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    This is called consent. If either party doesn't want sex, then no sex is had. Do I have to spell out what sex without consent is?
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    I agree with you. I guess I place to much emphasis on sex. Thank you.
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  6. I don't actually think this is true. I think most women want a strong man behind who's back they can afford to hide a little bit. But at the same time they have been conditioned by their environment - bunch of weak men willing to do anything for women just to get that vagina (because men also has been brainwashed to act this way by society). So naturally they order them around, because of free stuff and favors. But at the same time they hope that it's not gonna work and lose respect for a man when it does work.

    Of course there are also some females who are just naturally dominant, nothing wrong with that. And then there are some that are brainwashed by our modern feminism telling them that they should not be submissive because it's degrading, brainwashing them to go against their true nature. But I think it is small minority.
    Well first of all man can do the same to a woman, this is not gender specific. Secondly, this is one reason it's important to practice nofap. Because if we tame our sexual urges then sex can no longer be used as a submissive's leash around our neck to control us, men and women alike. And thirdly, this is one of the many reasons I do not support monogamy, but that's just me.
    I have no answer to this one. You have just been hanging around with wrong women, it's as simple as that. There are abundance of wonderful women in the world. You attract what you focus on.
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    I am sad to hear that this has been your general experience with women. I can assure you that this "control" thing is not true of all, or even most, women. I know when I try to control someone to do something my way (a partner or someone else) it's because I've been too lazy to try to understand their point of view and why they might feel it's best to do something in that way way, or make a certain decision on something - and it's fine to still disagree with it after understanding it. So my conclusion is that a woman who tries to control you isn't trying to understand you and really get to know you and why you do what you do...and unfortunately may not care to. I might be off on this one, but it's just my perspective.
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    Not all women like thay bro
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    Thank you for restoring my faith
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    Everything could be easy. Be radical and always say no to drama and games. She gives you positive signals and you like her? Cool. She gives you any negative signal? Scr*w her.

    Even if it looks like you could change the situation somehow, like when she says: "Meh. You're kinda cute, I guess. We could talk, if you buy me a drink" you can still interpret this as a negative signal, as she isn't happy to just unconditionally have a nice chat with you. (And I bet you buying her a drink won't change the situation at all). You could either say "no thanks" and go or you could say something witty like "why don't you buy me a drink?" and that could perhaps get the chemistry going but never take any shit from anyone.

    If she is your boss, I am truly sorry. :)
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    It is bro from my experience u just have explore urself into better person have confident more socialise also and passionate in life.
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    Here is the manly way. You are a rock. You have sex on your terms. This does not mean you drool from your chops like a hungry dog. Nope, you sit firm as a rock, and wait for the women to initiate. You do this also when finding your mate. Of course, you need to be a solid man first, and have some self-control over your libido. Man up!
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    Women don't owe us anything on the other hand you should stand up for yourself. If you feel like a woman is controlling you, tell her to bounce. Like yesterday, after I think a month of on and off conversation with someone, slight teasing etc, the conversation goes dead a little bit, like I ask her so I was meaning to ask, what is your body type anyway?(tall, small, normal, thick, slender) and I get a response of "I'm just a girl, don't like that question" but with an attitude. No sh!t you are a girl, but am I speaking to Mary Poppins or what? So I just charged her to the game. Now this person probably has a superiority complex, gets told everyday she is part of gods tribe or something, and has this exact aura. Maybe he/she works for the CIA and is undercover? Who knows, not part of my job to find out.

    And you move on. This type of thing should apply to women, men, doesn't matter.
  14. Exactly! Like Billy Joel once said 'There are women and there are bitches'. I think in most cases if you go out looking for a bitch you get a bitch. On the other hand, if you go out looking for a woman you get a woman. I mean if all a man cares about is that she's sexy he shouldn't be surprised if she treats him like crap. I'm not saying all sexy women are bad but character is more important than looks.
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    <quote>What is in store for men in the 21st century ?</quote>

    The same thing that was in store for them for the last XX years.
    A lot of tough shit. :)

    But hey, if man got through wars; that has to mean something right?

    My advice is, don't worry about things too much. How should I put this...?..

    You have two options:

    1. Let this bother you for the rest of your life
    2. Go on, enjoy life and take the things it gives you

    I'm terrible in giving advice, so sorry if something came out wrong.
    I do hope that some of this will maybe help you :)

  16. This is the real truth
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    I don't agree with most of you guys on here .

    Based on my experiences and my opinions . Men haven't changed in the years , we still have our same roles . Women have changed constantly from wanting to just be equal, which they got , then they demand to be paid the same while working less then men, then they wanted us to allow homosexuals to marry, now transsexuals , now there are no such thing as a gender and women and men can go switch genders . The more women are in the system , the more fucked up it gets .

    I wish the system would be equal but it's kind of hard for it to be .

    Feminism doesn't belong in 1st world countries . They should take that shit to Pakistan , India and other third world countries .

    MGTOW is the perfect response to unfair Laws against men , especially when it comes to divorces .

    MGTOW and NOFAP = Alpha Male
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    There's so much to life then women . I learned this over 7 days of NoFAP and I will continue . This will be a permanent lifestyle . Way too many benefits .
  19. This is untrue. Why the misogyny?
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